Application at TU Delft

Application deadline

Deadline first round: 1st January (exchange in Autumn or spring of the next academic year). Please note that, in order to be able to answer your questions, we highly recommend to apply before 15th December.
Deadline 'left overs' Spring semester: until 1st June you can apply for exchange during the Spring semester of the next academic year. You can only choose from the places which were not filled during the first round. The places will be awarded on a first-serve-first-come basis.

Application process

You start you application for an exchange semester through the application system of the TU Delft (Mobility Online). The selection will be done by the international office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. 

Application documents

After application in the system, you will receive an email. You will be asked to upload the following set of application documents:

Motivation Letter

Your motivation letter should be written in English. Please remember quality is more important than quantity (less is more)! Make sure your letter is no longer than 1 A4, written in an easy to read font and size. You can write in your letter why you would like to go abroad (study, personal reasons, etc.), why you are the person to go to the university of your first choice. Please prepare a letter for your first choice, but mention in the last paragraph why you would like to go to the other choices if you are not selected for your first choice.

Don't forget to mention your MSc track if you plan to go abroad during the MSc phase of your studies.

Transcript of Records

You can request a digital ToR ('cijferlijst') by sending an email to or to Please think of the following:

  • send the email from your student email address;
  • include your student number, date of birth and place of birth in your request; 
  • mention that you need the ToR for the application for an exchange semester;
  • ask for a GPA on the ToR.
GPA (min 6.5)

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment requires a minimum GPA ('gewogen cijfergemiddelde') of 6.5. 

Your GPA can be printed on your Transcript of Records. When you request a ToR at or at the Service desk, please ask to include the GPA if possible. If you don't receive a ToR with GPA, please calculate it yourself.

Proof of language proficiency

A proof can include a VWO grade list, double language VWO degree (tto) and grade list, TOEFL / IELTS / other language certificates. If you don't have a proof yet, or if it is not sufficient to be admitted to the universities of your choice, please include a plan how you will acquire the right level and proof before the application deadline of the partner university/universities.

Resumé (optional)

If you wish, you can upload a resumé (CV), but it is not mandatory.

We only accept digital applications through Mobility Online. Incomplete applications will not be processed!

You need to register a minimum of three choices and a maximum of five. Because of the limited number of places available at each partner university, it will not always be possible to honour your first choice(s).

If you are selected for one of your options and you have accepted the offer, we expect you to do your utmost to actually go there!


The selection starts with a check if you are eligible to go on exchange to the destination of your first choice and if there are still places available for that choice. If your first choice cannot be honoured, the system will check if your second choice is still available, and so on.

Good to know:

  • In the first selection round all students who hand in their applications before the deadline have equal opportunities.
  • In the second selection round, applications will be evaluated on a first-come-first-serve basis (but there are fewer options left).
  • Students are selected on the basis of their full application. It is not possible to submit additional documents after submission of the application.
  • Which semester you choose has no influence on your chances of being selected. You can choose whether you would like to study abroad in either the first or second semester of the following academic year, depending on what fits your study/curriculum best (BSc5 and BSc6 can be swopped!). 

You will be informed within 6 weeks after the application deadline by email whether or not you have been selected. Students who apply between 1st January and 1st of June (second application round) will receive an email within 6 weeks after submission of the application documents. There is no point in emailing the faculty before this time.

It is not possible to discuss the outcome of the selection procedure.