Short stay / internship / other options abroad

If you want to go abroad, but are not interested in an exchange with one of our partner universities, maybe the following options are interesting for you!

Please mind that these options are not facilitated by the International Office of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.


At the international office at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, we can sign the following forms for you:

  • Vaccination allowance form (please bring the form and a confirmation that the period abroad is for studies)
  • OV-card allowance form (information and form on website of DUO)
  • Athens Week application form

Please send us a PDF of the form to be signed by email. Include a proof that you are going abroad, e.g. an acceptance letter. 

Important information
  • For more information about the options listed below, please also visit the website of Education and Student Affairs ESA.

  • You should always register your stay abroad in MyTUDelft.
  • You shouldn't forget to register for a Travel Safety Training if you go abroad for a longer period (internship e.g.) or if you go to an area which is indicated with a Safety code yellow. 
Upon return - recognition of achievements abroad

Upon return you have to fill in the form ‘Academic achievements abroad’ in order to transfer the credit points you obtained abroad.