The Executive Board (CvB) has decided to discontinue the issuance of annotation certificates. There will be a transition period for this decision to take effect. Current students following an annotation will not be affected and a final issuance date of annotation certificates is set on 30 September 2022. This should give current students plenty of time to complete the annotation and receive their certificate.

In case a student intends to apply for the annotation Technology in Sustainable Development (TiSD) and did not register yet by using the Registration form, please do so before April 1st 2020.
Please note for the annotation the course WM0939TU of 5 EC is compulsory. It is the intention of TBM to offer this course in week 5.1 (summer) for the last time.

For all other annotations it is possible to apply until August 31st 2020. After this date it is not possible to apply for an annotation anymore.


Master students Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences and Master student Geomatics can choose to earn an Entrepreneurship, Technology in Sustainable Development, Infrastructure & Environment Design annotation, the Seismic Architecture, Engineering & Building Technology specialisation or an AMS certificate in addition to their Master programme. A special certificate will be issued if conditions are met. Conditions vary per annotation and usually require to deepen your knowledge on the subject by studying a set of additional electives, a focus course together with all other students of TU Delft taking the same annotation and a focus on the chosen subject in the thesis.

Master Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Masteropleiding Geomatics

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