HPM Architecture and the Built Environment

TU Delft offers talented and motivated students the opportunity both to invest more time in their own area of study and to broaden their horizon at the same time. Are you ready to take on an extra challenge and broaden your horizon beyond your regular course of studies? And do you want to be part of a research team of one of the professors? Then the Honours Programme Master (HPM) of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment may be just what you are looking for!

The HPM Architecture and the Built Environment focuses especially on academic research. In a ‘master-apprentice’ system, you will set up and carry out your own research linked to one of the current research programmes, under the personal guidance of an experienced researcher. You will carry out targeted (design) research, running parallel to your regular Master’s curriculum.

About the programme

The HPM Architecture and the Built Environment as a whole amounts to 20 EC, divided in two parts:

  • Critical Reflection on Technology (UD2010, 5 EC): a mandatory course for all HPM students of TU Delft. In this course you will learn to adopt a well-reasoned position on ethical and methodological issues.
  • A research project as part of one of the faculty’s current research programmes. This research project is set up as follows:
    • Master 2: Research Project I (AR9026HPM, 5 EC): thematic and methodical development of a self-chosen topic within the faculty’s current research programmes, resulting in a research proposal.
    • Master 3-4 up until the end of the 7th quarter Research Project II (AR9027HPM, 10 EC): (individual) in-depth (design-) research, resulting in an academic research report and exhibition (poster presentations). Can be further developed from the explorative study carried out in Master 2 and/or in conjunction with the graduation studio (contingent upon: 1) acceptance (based on availability) into the studio and 2) approval of a short proposal by the studio coordinator)

What are the requirements?

The admission requirements for the HPM Architecture and the Built Environment are:

  • An average grade of 7.5 for a completed TU Delft Bachelor’s degree or comparable average and degree if you graduated from another university;
  • A high level of motivation to participate in the programme.

Please note that the HPM Architecture and the Built Environment starts only in the fall semester. Only students who are taking their first semester of the Master’s programme can apply. The HPM Architecture and the Built Environment is not open to exchange students.

What is in it for you?

If you successfully finish your Honours Programme Master as well as your regular Master’s programme within two years you will obtain an Honours certificate signed by the Rector Magnificus of the TU Delft. This certificate states that you have finished the Honours Programme Master in Architecture and the Built Environment (please note that both the students from the HPM Architecture and the Built Environment and the students from HPM Infrastructures and Environment receive the same certificate). More importantly though, you will gain research experience in a dynamic academic environment and build up an interesting network of fellow Honours students and researchers! 


Interested in participating? Application and selection takes place each year in September/October. All BK students are informed about this via their student mail in September. Send your application to the coordinator of the Honours Programme Master (HonoursProgramme-BK@tudelft.nl). Your application must include:

  • A written motivation letter (± 300 words) including the specific research project(s) and researchers of your interest. Your choice of HPM research topic is not restricted by your choice of Master’s track or studio. Without a clear and motivated indication of research project(s) of your interest, you will not be invited for an interview.
  • A mini portfolio (max. 3 pages A3).
  • Examples of your research results such as an article, exhibition, an analysis carried out as part of an internship or final essay of the course Academische Vaardigheden 3 (BK6AC3).
  • Your curriculum vitae.
  • In your email please include your Master’s programme and track and your 7-digit student number.

A short information meeting will be organised on Tuesday 22 September 2020 from 12:45 to 13:45.

The deadline for application is Monday 28 September 2020. Based on the application documents we receive, the Honours Committee will make a selection of students who will be invited for an interview which will take place in October.

Please note: Only students who started with their MSc programme at our Faculty in September prior to the application period can apply. If you started your MSc at our faculty at an earlier moment it is unfortunately not possible to apply.

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