On this page, you will find the necessary information which you will need during and after graduating.

  • Academic Graduation Calendar
    The Academic Graduation Calendar gives an overview of the weeks in which P2, P4 and P5 presentations will take place during the academic year. The final application dates for handing in your application form for these presentations are also mentioned in this calendar. You can collect a graduation calendar at the Secretary of Education and Student Affairs, BG.Oost.110. 
  • The graduation plan for the P2 can be downloaded from this site
  • The application form for the P4 can be downloaded from this site
  • Check the admission requirements before applying for the P2 and P4 
  • Timetables graduating
    The timetables for evaluations (peilingen) can be found via Brightspace. Log in and go to the tab MyStudentInfo. Click on My Timetables (top right corner webpage). Then, select Add Course, and fill in your surname in the search field. If you are scheduled, you will find your scheduled presentation in the field below. Select the course you want to add and press Add course(s) to profile. Click Close. 
    Go to the calendar week in which your evaluation will take place. Here, you will now find your scheduled presentation. If you click on it, you can find details on the exact time and location.
  • Graduation Regulations
    The Graduation Manual AUBS 2021-2022 is based on official rules regarding graduation and is intended to be used by students, mentors and external examiners who are involved with the evaluation and organization of graduation.
  • Lab coordinators
    In the overview coordinators. you are able to find all lab coordinators from the different graduation studios.
  • Handing in digital graduation work
    The Repository is a digital archive of graduation projects. All students are required to add their graduation work to the TU Delft Repository ( at least three days before their P5 presentation. If you fail to upload your graduation work, you will not receive your diploma supplement.
    Go to Upload at least three days before your P5:
    • Graduation Plan (P2 product)
    • Final reflection (P4, P5 product)
    • Digital Presentation P5
    • Set of drawings (in 1 document) and / or final research report
    • Poster (optional)
    Save the documents in separate PDF files, stating your student number and name of the document type.
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