External Examiner

The external examiner acts as a chairman during all formal assessments P2/P4/P5. P2 and P4 being more informal then P5. S/he is responsible for protecting and encouraging the student during the assessments but also evaluating the academic level of the students presentation. S/he ensures that all mentors ask expertise specific questions in the right sequence fitting their role: from first mentor, to second mentor to third mentor if present. Be aware that questions asked should be without judgement. Throughout the assessment and deliberation the external examiner acts as a neutral, objective party to ensure a righteous/fair/equal process for all involved (mentors and student). Furthermore s/he has a formal role of ensuring/seeing to it that all assessment/feedback forms are completed.

For the p5 the external examiner collects the diploma and supervises the presentation and diploma ceremony by first welcoming the student and public. S/he makes sure that all mentors also speak in the right sequence of role in the deliberation. During the diploma ceremony s/he gives the floor to the main mentor and afterwards hands out the diploma (so don’t forget a pen).

For a detailed scheme of the responsibilities per evaluation consult the graduation manual (page 6 - 14)

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