Elective Design Projects

On this webpage you will find an overview of all (Architecture approved) Master 2 design projects with information about the project. The webpage is intended for students of all tracks. Many Architecture approved design projects can be taken by students from other tracks or are actually targeted to students from other tracks.


  • AR0086 Infrastructure and Environment Design
  • AR0124 Solar Decathlon
  • AR0139 MEGA
  • AR0143 Sustainability project - design and elaboration
  • AR0149 On site: Landscape architectonic explorations
  • AR0167 Architecture and Urban Design
  • AR0177 The Why Factory @ AMS
  • AR0225 The Urban (Re)Development Game
  • AR2DC010 Architectural Design Crossovers - Intersections
  • AR2FST010 Studio High-Rise Culture
  • AR2MET011 Transdisciplinary Encounters


Other MSc2 Elective Design studios: