AR0225 | The Urban (Re)Development Game

Title: Urban (Re)Development Game
Course code: AR0225
EC: 12
Offered in: Spring semester
Project type: Multidisciplinary 
Approved Master 2 Architecture design project: Yes
Project includes an educational trip / excursion: Yes 
Location of educational trip / excursion: Dutch cities (Rotterdam or Amsterdam)
Costs of educational trip / excursion: 0 (excluding train tickets)

The course is strongly tuned to the application and integration of knowledge on urban development on urban scale from different disciplines. It includes three components: The theoretical component addresses not only the various knowledge from different disciplines to understand the changing context of global and local environment and economic, social and cultural elements which contribute to various urban problems, but also how topics from different disciplines should be integrated.

The practicum component addresses the application and integration of different content topics from this course and from previous semester. To simulate an urban area development process in the most realistic way possible, students are asked to draw up an urban development plan for real urban setting by means of role simulation. In the last years, students work on an interesting urban project, such as the Amsterdam Overhoek Project or Delft Railway Station Area Development.  They are grouped into different roles based on parties as they also appear in reality: municipality, real estate developer, housing association, etc. The assignment for the roles (in this case, the various parties) in the role-play is to jointly draw up an urban development plan for the relevant location. Students should take into account balance market demand, the future potential of the area, spatial quality as well as the ambition and interests of the public and private parties and other parties involved as much as possible. The finance component covers the knowledge of real estate finance, real estate economics, real estate market analysis, basic urban economic theory and urban regional economics. Students acquire the knowledge through online lectures.


For questions please contact the coordinator:
Yawei Chen