Struggling with graduation? We are here to help you!

On this page, you can find information that might help you deal with your challenges related to your graduation at CME.

Every year more than 40,000 students obtain their Master's from different universities in the Netherlands.  Almost all of them face challenges during the graduation process, hence it is not strange if you also face some!

GoGrad is a platform set up by a group of CME students, in collaboration with CME lecturers. CME students and alumni were surveyed and invited to share their experiences. Based on these results, this platform was created. Here you can find advice to most of the challenges that students face.

The challenges are clustered into 5 categories as shown on the tabs below. You can explore each of them by clicking on the corresponding tab.

This platform also offers an opportunity to answer your doubts by connecting with us. Please leave your personal information and question(s) you may have and we will then get back to you via e-mail.