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Civil Engineering and Geosciences MSc (track) registration (cohort 2019-2020) and for CME course registration

This tool is for MSc students Civil Engineering, Applied Earth Sciences, Construction Management and Engineering and Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics who will start their respectively Master programme in September 2019.

You use this tool for

  • applying for a MSc and/or track (and if applicable a specialisation in due time)
  • making a course selection (CME only)

Apply for a MSc (track)

From now on you can select your Master (track) in
The application deadline is September 15 when starting in September and December 1 when starting in February.

Click on the link of your Master program below to go to the Master (track) selection:
Master Civil Engineering 2019/2020
Master Applied Earth Sciences 2019/2020
Master Construction Management and Engineering 2019/2020
Master Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics 2019/2020

Course selection for CME

At the start of the MSc programme (in September or February) you also need to register - in consultation with your coordinator - your course selection.
If all requirements are met, you will be formally registered in the MSc programme and your individual MSc programme is recorded in Osiris. After you have submitted the ‘Course Selection’, your coordinator will be notified to assess your course selection.
Please make a realistic planning by selecting circa 15 EC per quarter and prepare yourself by reading the course descriptions in the digital study guide


Please note that all students must apply for the master programme via Studielink in order to complete their enrollment.

More information about the MSc Track registration will be given at the MSc Kick off September 2, 2019.