TIL Research and Design Methods


TIL Research and Design Methods looks at the TIL field, its facilities, systems, arenas and environments from a design as well as a problem solving perspective. You get an overview and a taste of the entire TIL domain, from policy design and analysis, network design via transport engineering and logistics to traffic operations and technology. You see "the big picture" and learn different ways of looking at (y)our TIL field from those different perspectives. You will become familiar with the commonalities and differences in ideas, terminology, approaches and models and will learn to work in a small interdisciplinary project. Finally, you will experience the critical attitude of a scientist when writing a small paper.


This course is about the following:

  • obtaining a helicopter view of the TIL domain and tools;
  • introducing design and systems engineering methods;
  • becoming familiar with other tools to solve complex TIL design and research problems in (interdisciplinary) group work;
  • training in critical thinking and use of scientific methods (when writing a small report/paper).

The tools can be used in many TIL courses, including the TIL Design Project and your master thesis project. The helicopter view is also meant to easier choose the specialisation that suits you best.









This course is compulsory and must be completed successfully by all students.