2. Specialisations


The introductory TIL Fundamentals gave a good impression of the scope and variety of the TIL master programme. The Specialisations help you to take more control of the content and direction of your study.

Each Specialisation consists of six courses. The 4 TIL Toolboxes visualise the core themes and application areas. There is no reference to specific courses in a Toolbox, because we want to express the commonalities between the courses.
The four available specialisations are:

  • Specialisation P - Policy: Infrastructure, Planning & Environment
    Planning, policy making, project management, assessment, behaviour of actors and organisations. 
  • Specialisation D - Design: Transport Systems & Networks
    Design, monitoring and management of transport systems and infrastructure.  
  • Specialisation O - Operations: Traffic, Technology & Control
    Operational management, methods and technologies to control traffic, vehicles and other machines.
  • Specialisation E - Engineering: Transport, Logistics & Supply Chains
    Control and optimisation of transport and production networks and the supply chains to which these belong.

A certain overlap between the specialisations is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the programme and the requirement that each TIL master student acquires a basic set of knowledge, skills and understands how to use (advanced) tools, regardless of specialisation.


You must choose one of these specialisations and successfully complete all its courses.
Article 4 of the Annex of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) applies.

Relation with final thesis project
According to TER Article 7.3 you can start your thesis project TIL5060 while lacking at most 5 points from your Specialisation and fulfilling the other obligations mentioned. For Electives the same temporary exception applies.

TIL Specialisation Workshop 10-10-2018 15:45-17:30 Bouwcampus Zaal 1

Special meeting to help you choose your most suitable specialisation