3.2 Electives T&L - Transport and Logistics


These courses are provided by the MSc programme COSEM, specialisation Transport and Logistics.

In everyday life, private and public organisations in transport and logistics are confronted with new technologies and societal changes presenting endless opportunities. T&L looks at both the physical system and the organisational network in which a technical solution must be embedded. The approach can be quantitative (e.g. operations research or simulation based) and/or qualitative (analysing and generating management decisions).
Transport oriented electives focus on transport policy and infrastructure systems from an integrated transport, environmental, economic and spatial perspective and on plans at local, regional, national and European level. Students learn to develop alternatives for the design of new or improved transport systems and gain insight into the problems of designing and controlling transport processes. Future professionals must understand the decision-making processes and the models and tools used to assess transport policy and infrastructure projects. They will gain the skills to create effective and efficient solutions and strategies from a multi-actor perspective.
Logistics oriented electives focus on the design of logistics systems and supply chains. Logistics analysts analyse complex business systems and understand how they align with other business systems in demand and supply chains. Logistics designers apply design methods to engineer the physical network structures and the organisational structures to create and sustain such supply chains. Students will learn about logistics systems from an intra-, inter- and extra-company perspective. They will develop approaches, methods and calculation models to calculate the effectiveness and efficiency of existing logistics systems, set the right design requirements and derive feasible alternative solutions.


All information about Electives T&L and their lecturers is contained in the study guide.

Special information

Specialisation P contains SEN1711, SEN1741.

Specialisation D contains SEN1721.

Specialisation O contains SEN9110.

Specialisation E contains SEN9710, SEN9720.


You must choose at least one course from this elective course category. You cannot choose courses from your specialisation as elective. 

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