3.3 Electives TEL - Transportation Engineering


These elective courses are provided by the MSc programme Mechanical Engineering, track Transport Engineering and Logistics.

Reliable systems for moving people and goods are cornerstones of modern society. Electives in Transport Engineering and Logistics focus on the development, design, construction and operation of transport systems and equipment, as well as technological, organisational, environmental and logistical issues. The challenge is to optimise the operational performance of transport systems, taking into account human limitations in the management of complex systems.
By combining organisational aspects with information and logistics within the (human) business environment, the electives in Transport Engineering and Logistics offer a unique opportunity to study the complete industrial value chain comprised of production and transportation processes. Modelling is used as an aid in the analysis and resolution of operational problems.


All information about Electives TEL and their lecturers is contained in the study guide.

Special information

Specialisation O contains ME41000, ME44305.

Specialisation E contains ME44101, ME44300, ME44311.

Elective ME44125 (Reliability and Maintenance of Transport Equipment): Schedule. Enrol on Brightspace.


You must choose at least one course from this elective course category. You cannot choose courses from your specialisation as elective.

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