0. Forms and regulations


Explanation of MSc TIL thesis forms: 
- TIL-0 - the graduation procedure. Print it and check it regularly;
- TIL-1 - application start master thesis project. Filled in with all signatures at the end of the kick-off meeting;
- TIL-2 - your individual programme.

Only email TIL-1 + TIL-2 to the Board of Examiners if you fulfil the requirements of MSc TIL TER Annex Article 7 (see TIL Thesis Regulations). A refusal email will follow and you have to repeat the procedure. Reasons for refusal could be non-compliant (external) courses, not administered points, changes in your program (for instance you changed your TIL specialisation, which means that your Specialisation courses become Electives), study delays, pending exams, pending marks etc. Check your EC points (and MyTUDelft) for the causes before you contact an administrator or the MSc TIL Programme Coordinator or a Msc TIL Graduation Supervisor.
- TIL-3 - application Master Degree. YOU start the exam process with this form. Use it when you receive a greenlight for your thesis report.
- TIL-4 - withdrawal form. In case you stop with your study.


- TIL-1a - change of thesis Assessment Committee during the project.
- TIL-2a - changes of examination program.


Regulations change each year (a bit). Always follow the regulations from the year you started your MSc program.

Prevention of plagiarism and fraud

The TUD has a policy to prevent plagiarism and fraud. You are obliged to apply the Ouriginal checker on Brightspace on your final thesis report. Then you share the result with your supervisors.

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