2. Supervision team

Composing a suitable supervision team

The interdisciplinary character of your thesis project requires regular supervision by 2 TIL lecturers and 1 full professor from different faculties. The thesis professor is in most cases from the same faculty (CEG/TPM/3mE)/education unit (T&P, T&L, TEL) as one of these lecturers. Sometimes a third specialist is added to the supervision team, for the period or only for the Defence and graduation meeting.
You may choose a different composition: For instance, a professor from T&L, a supervisor from T&P and second supervisor from a non-TIL department or section.
If a project is carried out for an external commissioner, then you have an external supervisor as well. You meet him or her regularly at their site (arranged before you start your project).

Examples of thesis supervision teams (= Thesis Assessment committees (excl. external supervisors)).

Special case: If you are an Annotation student, then it is possible to have a professor from an education unit outside the core TIL domains. An example is a project that fulfils the Rail Annotation, where you can have a professor from the Railway Engineering department. The two weekly supervisors should work at T&P, TPM or TEL.

About supervision

In principle, regular supervision is carried out by two lecturers/researchers. You will meet them either together or alternating. The frequency of these meetings varies as a compromise between your needs and the availability of the supervisors. Your professor will primarily act as process manager and be involved in key project decisions. This means that he/she will chair the mandatory meetings (kick-off, mid-term, green light, final defence). Your professor has the final say in everything related with your project. In practice, he will largely follow the advises from the weekly supervisors.

Special case: If the supervising team should be changed, use the TIL-1a form. Such changes may be due to an interpersonal mismatch or a change of topic. Your thesis process will usually be severely delayed.


See Rules and Guidelines Board of Examiners (RGBE) MSc TIL 2019-2020 Annex 23-25.

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