5. Defence and graduation


This is the final and hopefully finest meeting of your study. You present and defend your thesis report (or design) in a public meeting with your family, friends and other students and (separately for) your Thesis Assessment Committee.

Thesis Assessment Committee

Your supervising team transforms into a thesis Assessment Committee for the Defence and Graduation meeting. The set-up and length of the meeting(s) differ depending on the faculty and chair (examples). 

Additional specialists may be added to the thesis Assessment Committee. This may also be the case if you are a candidate for a honourable degree ('cum laude'). In that case your Committee will have a choice of two diplomas.

Assessment of your thesis

The committee assesses all aspects of your project mentioned. They will use the TIL Thesis Rubric and report their findings in the Grading form for TIL5060.

Administrative issues - before

20 working days prior to the date of Defence and graduation you

  • fill in and submit the TIL-3 form. Read it carefully and mark the necessary actions on the correct moments in your own agenda.

14 days before your Graduation Presentation you 

  • email your final thesis report as pdf to your supervisors. Ask your supervisors if and when they expect a hard copy.
  • Email this pdf and a summary of it to Mr. Jawed Dawar (A.J.Dawar-1@tudelft.nl), Civil Engineering, 23.HG 2.71).
  • If organised on campus: Reserve a room for your Final Defence and Graduation​ meeting via the secretary of the section of your chair.*
  • If organised on campus: inform the secretary and communication department of the faculty of your chair about the date, time, place and title of your presentation and the name of your chair (full initials). M&C will publish all data with respect to your graduation on the agenda (website) and screens in the main hall of the faculty.

         *Procedure may vary per chair.

5 days before the presentation you

Administrative issues - during and after

You will sign your MSc diploma ('bul' in Dutch) in the presence of your family, friends and students. You will also receive the diploma. The professor will send the completed and signed Thesis Assessment form to SPA-CITG@tudelft.nl. Within 4 weeks after this meeting a diploma supplement (a list with courses and final grades) will be sent to your home address. Make sure that your correct home address is known. If not change it here .

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