2.1 Specialisation TG - Transport Governance


This specialisation focuses on planning processes. Planning consists of various stages; from global analysis, structured design processes for scenarios and alternatives, formal procedures, to assessment methods to establish the impact of the developed alternatives.

Planning is an interdisciplinary process, where technology meets political, social and economic demands, expectations and conditions. A wide range of organisations and institutions may be involved in planning, from local to European. This creates a complex decision environment.

The products of transport planning are transport policy plans and proposals for transport & logistics projects.  Once the planning is finished, actual construction work may eventually start. 

Students will become familiar with the decision making process and the supportive methods, models and tools used to assess the impact of transport policy plans and transport and logistics projects in the existing (Dutch) planning context. Those impacts may include accessibility, environment, safety as well as economics.


Specialisation TG contains the following six courses:




AR0168 People, Movement and Public Space   5
CIEQ6212* Urban Regions, Transport and Economics   4
SEN171A Advanced Evaluation Methods for Transport Policy Decision-making   5
SEN1721* Travel Behaviour Research   5
TPM032A* Multi-criteria Decision Analysis   5
WM1301TU* Ethics of Transportation   3


All courses are compulsory for students of Specialisation TG.


Analyse behaviour of actors and organisations active in transport systems and networks.
Design and evaluate policies for transport systems and networks.