Offering an internship

At the EEMCS (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) faculty most students can do an internship elective as part of their curriculum.

Electrical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Technology, Computer Engineering and Embedded Systems

Bachelor students Electrical Engineering can do an internship minor (starting in September and ending in February) in their third and final bachelor year. This is a 5-month internship.

Master students can do a 2 - 3 month internship (often starting in summer but allowed throughout the year). These students all have a bachelor degree in engineering. Students are highly motivated to gain practical experience. They are both national and international and the international students all have visa and are allowed to do an internship (no work permit required). These are the master tracks of which students can do an internship.


Do you want to offer an internship position?

Then please submit our ‘Internship Offer form’ to the Internship Office via When the offer is suitable for our students it will be placed on our educational portal for students to see. If you have a thesis research internship to offer, please contact the master coordinators which you can find via the site of the master programs.

You can also offer your internship in the TU Delft career center portal. more information can be found here.