Agenda Graduation ceremonies

Vanaf 23 maart tot nader order vinden alle diploma-uitreikingen online plaats. Voorzitters, mentoren en getroffen studenten worden gecontacteerd door de afdeling Onderwijs en Studentenzaken (ES&A)

Zie ook de coronaviruspagina van de TU Delft voor een update. 

Wil je een online ceremonie bij wonen, neem dan contact op met de afstudeerder of vraag de link naar de online afstudeersessie op bij het secretariaat van de chair.


Joy van Gogh

Chair: P.M.A. Desmet

Mentor: D.I. Brand

Title: Discussing the phenomenon of beauty ideals through critical design 

14 July, 15:45, Online


Jan-Maarten in ‘t Veld

Chair: Prof.dr. P.A. Lloyd

Mentor: MSc. N. Stoimenova

Title: Dealing with uncertainty through prototyping

14 July, 14:45, Online


Bernd Laas

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: Ir. S.S. Mulder

Title: The new port infrastructure: strategic design of a container data platform for Port of Rotterdam

16 July, 13:45, Online


Bryan Zaaijer

Chair: J.D. Lomas

Mentor: Ir. A.H. Valkenhoff

Title: Designing a haptic interface from a vision-centredapproach

16 July, Online


Alessia Braams

Chair: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Mentor: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Title Creating long-term donor engagement in NPO WWF

17 July, 09:30, Online


Chenjing Liu

Chair: R. Mugge

Mentor: Ir. E.E. Zijtregtop

Title: Enhancing circularity of KPN in-home products by customer engagement

17 July, 10:45, Online


Juliane Trier

Chair: G. Calabretta

Mentor: Dr. Z. Rusák

Title: MindMatch: Combining AI and strategic foresight to future-proof the online brand positioning

17 July, 10:45, Online


Anirban Roy

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. S.S. Mulder

Title: Disrupting the British Hearing Aid market with Cambridge audio

17 July, 13:45, Online


Tim Koomen

Chair: F.E.H.M. Smulders

Mentor: MSc M. Willemen

Title: Tourism growth vs. local challenges - A system design approach for resilience against the pressure of tourism in the Keukenhof region

20 July, 15:00, Online


Thomas van Arkel

Chair: N. Tromp

Mentor: Prof.dr. E. Giaccardi

Title: Data-informed design experiments: assessing the effectiveness and appropriateness of design for behaviour change 

17 July, 15:45, Online


Oscar van Beek

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Title: Design for trust: Farmer data sharing platform for Rabobank

17 July, 15:45, online


Maya Goodwill

Chair: M. van der Bijl - Brouwer

Mentor: Dr. R. Bendor

Title: Power literacy: towards a more socially just, decolonial and democratic design process

22 July, 15:45, Online


Manon Eijkelenburg

Chair: R. Mugge

Mentor: Dr. R.A. Price

Title: A strategic roadmap for DHL towards a sustainable delivery solution for cities in 2030

23 July, 13:45, Online


Harald Eliassen

Chair: Ir. J.D. van der Meer

Mentor: MSc. M. Sypesteyn

Title: Sketching for remote collaboration 

27 July, 10:00, Online


Irene Verduijn

Chair: Ir. R.J.H.G. van Heur

Mentor: Ir. E.W. Thomassen

Title: Development of an IoT sensor for legionella prevention 

24 July, 13:45, Online


Duangkamon Panyapatiphan

Chair: G. Calabretta

Mentor: Ir. F.M. de Jonge

Title: Empowering consumers in the circular economy with blockchain-enabled storytelling

27 July, 10:45, Online


Pepijn van Houdt

Chair: N. Tromp

Mentor: Ir. G.H. Berghuis

Title: Can I start tomorrow? Facilitating a value-driven approach to financial decision-making.

27 July, 13:45, Online


Hannah Goss

Chair: H.N.J. Schifferstein

Mentor: Ir. M. Schot

Title: Designing for Healthy Eating Behaviour. A playful approach to preventing child obesity 

28 July, 13:45, Online


Tessa Mellema

Chair: Dr. N.A. Romero Herrera

Mentor: J. Bourgeois

Title: Aito Sound: A proof of concept exploration for haptics and sound with piezoelectrics

28 July, 15:00, Online


Fabian Bosman

Chair: Dr. D. Aschenbrenner

Mentor: S.F.J. Flipsen

Title: Methodically improving a bicycle assembly line

29 July, 10:45, Online


Paul Meulendijks

Chair: Ir. M.A. Gielen

Mentor: S.N. Paus – Buzink

Title: The child brain portrait

30 July, 10:00, Online


Marieke Pieters

Chair: Ir. M.A. Gielen

Mentor: N.J.H. Vegt

Title: Designing an entertaining game for children that measures their social/emotional development 

30 July, 15:00, Online


Gerianne Boer

Chair: J.E. Oberdorf

Mentor: J.C. Diehl

Title: Methanol from sunlight and air: A guide towards the embodiment design of the micro plant

25 August, 10:45, IDE Arena 


Winand van Hasselt

Chair: L.W.L. Simonse

Mentor: Ir. R.G.H. Bluemink

Title: Data fueling Scania’s future business

25 August, 12:00, Online


Shengling Wei

Chair: R. Mugge

Mentor: S.S. van Dam

Title: Developing sustainable service design for a Pay-Per-Use Dryer

27 August, 12:00, Online