Agenda Graduation ceremonies

Vanaf 23 maart tot nader order vinden alle diploma-uitreikingen online plaats. Voorzitters, mentoren en getroffen studenten worden gecontacteerd door de afdeling Onderwijs en Studentenzaken (ES&A)

Zie ook de coronaviruspagina van de TU Delft voor een update. 

Wil je een online ceremonie bij wonen, neem dan contact op met de afstudeerder of vraag de link naar de online afstudeersessie op bij het secretariaat van de chair.


Asja Mucha

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: S.M. Persaud

Title: Improving the use of surgical suction pumps in Sierra Leone

24 November, 11:00, online


Mark van der Smagt

Chair: M.C. Rozendaal

Mentor: A. Bozzon

Title: Exploring vibration noticeability in the context of Grippy

25 November, 10:45, online


Yin Shen

Chair: Prof.dr. D.V. Keyson MSc

Mentor: W.F. van der Vegte

Title: Design of a stand-alone presence aware infrared heating product for office

25 November, 10:00, Online


Lilly Deijmann

Chair: G. Calabretta

Mentor: Dr. R.A. Price

Title: Beyond the consumer lifecycle – A service framework for PostNL to develop

27 November, 14:30, Online


Fokke Jongerden

Chair: R.H.M. Goossens

Mentor: Ir. E.L. Doubrovski

Title: Designing personal respiratory protection equipment during a crisis situation

27 November, 15:30, online


Xiaodi Tang

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: A.G.C. van Boeijen

Title: Chachat: Towards a design to support Chinese young adult’s mental health during quarantaine in corona crisis

30 November, 14:00, Online


Yiwen Zhang

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: M.S. Kleinsmann

Title: Improving parent-child communication: Creating a relaxed conversation atmosphere during the COVID-19 quarantine period

30 November, 10:30, Online


Ragna Pettinga

Chair: Dr. E. Kim

Mentor: Ir. I.R. Smit

Title: Welcome to my bubble: designing the interaction between pedestrian, autonomous vehicle and the city at a cross walk

4 December, 14:30, online


Andres Cruz Grimaldos

Chair: G. Calabretta

Mentor: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Title: Knowledge is key: Designing a digital platform & strategy for industry-related knowledge management

7 December, 10:45, Online


Ileana Diaz Couder Breceda

Chair: M.H. Sonneveld

Mentor: L. Ramagnoli

Title: Navigating dementia: Engaging with informal caregivers through stories

8  December, 16:00, Online


Jorn Koot

Chair: Dr. J.J. Kraal

Mentor: MSc J. Faber

Title: Implementing vitality interventions. A strategy towards ‘healthy & happy’ low SES employees

10 December, 10:00, Online


Douwe Bouwers

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Title: Mapping the future of protective hand-exoskeletons: Market identification and branding strategy development

11 December, 13:45, Online


Elias van der Linden

Chair: Ir. R.J.H.G. van Heur

Mentor: Prof. R.R.R. van der Vorst

Title: Towards Preventive Oral Care: A digital matching tool for products and habits 

11 December, 15:30, Online


Fabiana Tomasini Giannini

Chair: Dr. I.J. Mulder

Mentor: Ir. S.E. Baha MSc

Title: Balancing power: Explorations towards a more decolonial participatory design process

14 December, 15:45, Online


Lisa Hoogeveen

Chair: R. Mugge

Mentor: S.S. van Dam

Title: Circular kitchen appliances: Designing an oven that stimulates sustainable behaviour for refurbishment

17 December, 15:45, Online


Alex Zevenbergen

Chair: Dr. Y. Song

Mentor: Dr. T. Huysmans

Title: Design of a 3D scanner for measuring preterm infant head circumference

17 December, 13:45, online