Agenda Graduation ceremonies

  • Vanaf 23 maart tot nader order vinden alle diploma-uitreikingen online plaats. Voorzitters, mentoren en getroffen studenten worden gecontacteerd door de afdeling Onderwijs en Studentenzaken (ES&A)
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Laura Ashmann

Chair: Dr. T. Huysmans

Mentor: Ir. H.E.C. Crone

Title: Towards OLLI injury prevention with a smart wearable for military use

1 April, 13:45, IDE arena, Faculty of IDE


Sieb Posthuma

Chair: Dr. R.A. Price

Mentor: MSc M. Sypesteyn

Title: Develop guidelines for designing co-creative session with Visual Thinking

1 April, 15:45, IDE Arena, Faculty of IDE


Eduard Groutars

Chair: Dr. E. Karana

Mentor: Dr. M.E. Aubin-Tam

Title: Designing bacterial composites

3 April, 10:45, Joost van der Grinten hall, Faculty of IDE


Puck Veelenturf

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. M. Beets

Title: Marketing for Markers

7 April, 13:00, Hall 9, Pulse


Claire Galjart

Chair: J. van Erp

Mentor: E.J. Jepma

Title: Creating aknowledgement between different groups of people at Milkshake festival

7 April, 13:45, Hall E, 3ME Faculty


Ghislaine Tseng

Chair: Prof.dr. P.P.M. Hekkert

Mentor: M. van der Bijl-Brouwer

Title: Design for release: Supporting survivors of sexual violence

9 April, 15:45, Hall 5, Pulse


Frank van Doesum

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: Ir. M.F. Bakker

Title: MRI for Africa

9 April, 15:45, Wim Crouwel hall, Faculty of IDE


Pedro Vaz Filipe Farias

Chair: Dr. R. Bendor

Mentor: Prof.dr. B.F. van Eekelen

Title: Participation in speculative design: Engaging in critical reflections

14 April, 15:45, Studio 23/24, Faculty of IDE


Kees Broekmeulen

Chair: Dr. E. Ozcan Vieira

Mentor: S.N. Paus-Buzink

Title: Reduction of harmful noise during hip replacement surgery

15 April, 10:45, Studio 23/24, Faculty of IDE


Milly Bon

Chair: Dr. Y. Song

Mentor: Ir. A.L.M. Minnoye

Title: A 3D printer that prints integrated electronics

15 April, 13:45, Hall 5, Pulse


Jorinde Smits

Chair: Ir. I.A. Ruiter

Mentor: Ir. C.P.J.M. Kroon

Title: Toileting solution for female electric wheelchair users

16 April, 13:45, Technology, Pulse


Eva Legemaate

Chair: Dr. I.J. Mulder

Mentor: M. van der Bijl - Brouwer

Title: Tackling loneliness amongst adolescents in Delft: a systemic co-design approach for Gemeente Delft

16 April, 15:45, Studio 23/24, Faculty of IDE


Verena Vredeveld

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. R.G.H. Bluemink

Title: Experimentation-driven innovation for employees in corporates

21 April, 15:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall, Faculty of IDE


Yvonne Licher

Chair: M.H. Sonneveld

Mentor: J. van Erp

Title: Towards optimal communication of patient details in tactical combat casualty care

23 April, 13:45, IDE Arena, Faculty of IDE


Sjoukje Botterweck

Chair: Dr. R.A. Price

Mentor: Ir. R.G.H. Bluemink

Title: Design of a toolkit to increase the effectiveness of employee initiatives for new service development

29 April, 13:45, Wim Crouwel hall, Faculty of IDE


Freek Trimbach

Chair: MSc N.J.H. Vegt

Mentor: A.I. Keller

Title: Stimulating family play through physical/digital smart phone interactions

30 April, 13:45, IDE Arena, Faculty of IDE


Joris Blok

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: Ir. W. Brouwer

Title: Designing a corporate training to embed design thinking in business

8 May, 13:45, TBD


Joost Schootstra

Chair: K.M.B. Jansen

Mentor: L. Teunissen

Title: Head and body cooling for the Dutch national field hockey goalies

20 May, 15:00, Online


Elsemiek Aten

Chair: K.M.B. Jansen

Mentor: Ir. M.F. Beets

Title: Hybrid cooling wearable for tetraplegics

5 June, 15:45, tbd