Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2020-04-23 | SPD Graduation Opportunity COVID Design Process, TU Delft

Due to the Corona crisis new solutions need to be designed. Are you interested in researching what the underlying factors beneficial for the time-to-market of projects are during times of crisis? Which of these factors can be emulated in a constructive way under normal project conditions?

2020-04-23 | Graduation Opportunity Growing Colour, TU Delft

This graduation assignment entails growing, tinkering and designing with the flavo bacteria, which creates vibrant color appearances. At the same time, you will also design, prototype and evaluate a setup to capture and visualize these grown appearances

2020-04-23 | Graduation Opportunity Crowd management, Bazaar Beverwijk & Cappr

Bazaar, a combination of shops, outlets, stalls and food-stands, is heavily affected by the Corona crisis. Two graduation opportunities are available, one focussing on physical solutions, the other on digital tools to optimise the consumers' visits.

2020-04-23 | Graduation Opportunity Adaptive appearance, TU Delft

Within this graduation assignment you will exploring the possibilities to create adaptive surface appearances, inspired by nature, using digital fabrication technologies. You will design, prototype and evaluate solutions for creating adaptive color and surface texture.

2020-04-20 | Afstudeeropdracht beveiligingsscherm, Politie

De politie is op zoek naar een afstudeerder die een concept kan realiseren dat politieagenten op de achterbank moet kunnen beschermen van opstandige inzittenden.

2020-04-16 | Graduation Opportunity Semantic value of visuals, TU Delft

Cappr is looking for a graduating (DFI) student who is interested in analysing the semantic value of visuals.

2020-04-16 | Graduation Opportunity Appearance of refurbished products, Philips

Philips is looking for student who is interested in graduating on the topic of enhancing consumer acceptance of refurbished products in the Circular Economy through product appearance.

2020-04-16 | Graduation Opportunity Anti Covid-19 Aircraft seats, KLM, Airbus & Ambraer

In aircrafts hygiene and separation between the neighbouring seats is getting more important, are you interested in analysing and developing a new type of aircraft seat in this context?

2020-04-08 | Graduation Opportunity Lowering the use of toilet paper, Toiless Paper

Toiless Paper is looking for a graduation student who is interested in researching ways to decrease the usage of toilet paper.

2020-04-08 | Graduation Opportunity Embedded lighting, Cima

Cima is opening an immediate opportunity for an industrial design student to complete their graduation project. The research project will focus on developing concepts around “embedded lighting”, fusing architectural lighting with architectural surfaces and graphics. The student will help explore new application concepts, visualize our product development roadmap, and launch a new product line to market.

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