Binding recommendation (BSA)

When studying at the TU Delft, you will be subject to the binding recommendation on the continuation of your studies (BSA). This means that you will have to gain a minimum of 45 EC credits (3/4 of the total number of credits) during your first year of studies in order to be allowed to proceed to the second year. If you fail to achieve this norm, your registration for the programme will be terminated and you will not be allowed to register for the same programme for four years. It goes without saying that you will receive interim advice and guidance during the year.

Postponement of the BSA

In extenuating circumstances, it might be possible to request for postponement BSA. Please visit for all information to determine if your situation applies. On the aforementioned webpage also states the changes to the implementation of the BSA due to COVID-19.

If you think you might be a suitable candidate for a postponement, please contact the academic counsellors during their online open office hours (left on Brightspace) to further discuss your situation and options for postponement BSA.

Hearing of the BSA

If you think you might be a suitable candidate for a postponement please visit the BSA website for the registration form, (strict) deadlines and required documents for the hearing. You can send the registration form with all relevant documents to Keep in mind you will need processing time in order to organise all documentation. You must submit the aforementioned from August 4 to August 15, 2021 23:59 . If the BSA committee does not receive your request within this period, your request cannot be processed.

The BSA hearing                                                               19 and 20 August 2021