A self-composed minor

Students may compose a self-composed minor and submit it to the Board of Examiners for approval.

General requirements for the self-composed minor

  • All courses together must be worth at least 30 credits (ECTS).
  • MSc courses are not allowed.
  • Courses from a TU Delft thematic or selection minor are not allowed.
  • The courses must be offered as part of a university’s Bachelor programme (this can be at TU Delft or another university in The Netherlands).
  • The course content should be interrelated and linked by one theme.
  • The theme must represent clear added value to the student’s portfolio, i.e. be an extension of the student’s primary discipline or be an academic pursuit into a related or completely new field. There should be no overlap with the compulsory major.
  • The selection of courses should be at a third year Bachelor’s level. It is allowed to take a maximum of 15 ECTS from 2nd year BSc courses or 1st year courses if well motivated, provided that they contribute essential prior knowledge relating to the third year selected courses in other fields than Aerospace engineering.
  • Students can apply for a project of maximum 10 ECTS, under the condition that it will be assessed by two examines and the content should be interrelated and coherent to the other courses of the self-composed minor.

Step-by-step plan for a self-composed minor  in the Netherlands

  • Decide on a common theme and select the courses for your self-composed minor.
  • Complete the Self-Composed Minor Request Form.  (In case you would like follow your minor abroad, see course description AE3060 in the study guide).
  • Submit the signed and completed form to the Secretary of the Board of Examiners, for the Board of Examiners' approval. Requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the start of the course.
  • Ensure that you register for the chosen courses and enrol at the university (if other than TU Delft) on time.