Choosing tracks

During the academic year, multiple events are organised to inform you of the different MSc programmes and tracks.

Every year in March, the faculty organises the Master weeks. The Master weeks start with a general information session in which the structure of the Aerospace Master will be explained. Afterwards, every day highlights a different MSc track. During this period, presentations given at lunchtime will give a clear overview of the track and profiles. The Master weeks end with a gathering, organised for all tracks. Whilst enjoying a drink you have the opportunity to meet the professors, teachers, students and doctoral candidates of the Master track of your interest.

Unfortunately we had to cancel most of this year’s lunch lectures due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. You can find the slides of the track presentations by clicking on the URLs below.  

Aerodynamics & Wind Energy

Aerospace Structures & Materials

Control & Operations

Flight Performance & Propulsion