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Planetary Exploration




Predicting Earth’s orientation for positioning applications 

GFZ Potsdam, Wouter van der Wal

Modelling Scars on Mars: Numerical Analysis of the Martian Surface due to the Mega-Volcanoes in the Tharsis Region

Ir. Bas Blank

Modelling Moving Mountains: Creating a Coupled Numerical Model of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment and Erosion for the European Alps

Ir. Bas Blank

Aerosols in (exo)planets and moons: design of a chamber to study planetary atmospheres and the plumes from icy moons

Dr. Stéphanie Cazaux

Cosmic frost

Dr. Stéphanie Cazaux

Dust growth in the atmosphere of exoplanets

Dr. Stéphanie Cazaux

Formation of planetary atmospheres

Dr. Stéphanie Cazaux

Relativistic effects in interplanetary laser ranging missions Dominic Dirkx

Planetary ephemerides from laser ranging data Dominic Dirkx

Analysis of noise sources in interplanetary laser ranging Dominic Dirkx

Concurrent spacecraft orbit determination and ephemeris generation for the JUICE mission Dominic Dirkx

Analysis of a realistic error budget for JUICE-PRIDE Dominic Dirkx

Analysis and optimization of JUICE astrometric tracking observations Dominic Dirkx

Jovian ephemeris accuracy from the JUICE mission Dominic Dirkx

Detecting a sub-surface ocean in the obliquity of Titan

Ir. Haiyang Hu

Isostasy investigation of shallow layers of Mars Bart Root

Earthshine: what do Earth-like exoplanets look like

Dr. Daphne Stam

LOUPE: the lunar Observatory for Unresolved Polarimetry of Earth

Dr. Daphne Stam

Modelling of the global stress field in Io's crust

Teresa Steinke, MSc.

Influence of the magnetosphere on JUICE observations

Prof.dr. Bert Vermeersen

Tidal dissipation on Io and its relation to volcanic eruptions

Prof.dr. Bert Vermeersen

Tidal effects on surfaces and atmospheres of exoplanets and -moons

Prof.dr. Bert Vermeersen & Dr. Daphne Stam

Orbit and Gravity Field Determination: a new solution using GRAIL 1-way Doppler Data

Bern University, Prof.dr. Pieter Visser

Orbit and gravity field determination from Mars Odyssey data

Bern University, Prof.dr. Pieter Visser

What ended the last ice age in North America? Wouter van der Wal

Evolution of impact craters on the Moon from GRAIL satellite data Wouter van der Wal

Sea-floor uplift in the Barents Sea Wouter van der Wal

Spectral Analysis of Meteor Showers

Joe Zender (ESA-ESTEC), Wouter van der Wal

Solar EUV Bright Points

Joe Zender (ESA-ESTEC), Wouter van der Wal

Spectral Analysis of Meteor Showers using Bayesian Simulation

Joe Zender (ESA-ESTEC), Wouter van der Wal

Total Electron Content of the Solar Corona derived from Radio Science Experiment

Joe Zender (ESA-ESTEC), Wouter van der Wal