Delft is a town with a privileged location. It is a small town in the middle of the countryside close to the mayor cities in the Netherlands. You can catch a train in the central station and be in The Hague within 15 minutes, Rotterdam and Leiden in 20, and Amsterdam within 50 minutes. Additionally, you can also go by train to: Antwerp (Belgium) within 1,5 hours, Brussels in 2 hours, and Paris in just 3,5 hours.



Netherland is small country; it has public transportation that is organized and comfortable (i.e.: Nederlandse Spoorwegen ( --> national train, tram, and bus inter/outer city). 

Arriving at School!

You’ve finally landed at Schipol airport, excited to begin your new life in the Netherlands, but wait… how will you get home? Well, there are a number of travel options available to get you from the airport to your new home. 

Trains and Buses 
The Netherlands boasts a most efficient and easy-to-use public transport system. And at the airport, the train terminals are right below the Schipol plaza (the airport’s main public entrance hall). You can plan your trip and buy tickets using the website or the NS app. 
Also at Schipol, you can buy a single paper ticket at the blue-grey ‘Public Transport Tickets’ machines. With this you can board a train, bus tram or metro once. The buses and trams also have ticket machines but do apply for an OV-Chipkaart once you are settled.  Plan your journey from the airport to your home using the 9292 app to know which train, bus or tram to use. 

At the exit to the arrivals, you can easily access taxi services as well. There are even options to choose from a regular taxi, luxurious Schipol Business Taxi or a minivan, in case you have family joining you!  

OV discount cards

As you travel across the Netherlands, whether it’s to class between Delft and The Hague or for fun, having your own OV Chipkaart is a must. OV Chipkaart is a public transport card you can use on all Dutch public transport, including trains, trams, and buses. While you can get an anonymous OV Chipkaart at any train station, it is much easier to get your personal OV Chipkaart once you’ve got your bank account where you can load on products, automatically top up your card, and travel cheaper. 

Depending on how often you use public transport, buying a monthly product(s) to save you some money may be a good idea. Some of our favourite NS products include Dal Voordeel (€5/month) and Weekend Voordeel (€2/month).

Healthy lifestyle


The best way to get to TU Delft is by bike. It’s easy to cycle to campus from Delft city centre or the surrounding neighbourhoods and towns. You can park your bike in the large bike rack at the back of TPM or next to one of the other buildings.

If you don’t yet have a bike, take a look at, where it’s easy to hire a bike for a short or longer period. If it gets broken, it will be repaired or changed straight away.