Academic learning at TU Delft

Academic learning at TU Delft may be different from what you are accustomed to at your bachelor university. TU Delft expects you to take a proactive approach in your study. This means taking the lead in forming your electives, finding a thesis topic and supervisor and to be able to make a study planning without being actively offered assistance in this from the teaching staff.  In case you do need guidance the TU Delft offers a range of support systems. We encourage you to make use of the support systems offered to improve your study success, personal development of academic skills and to minimise study delay.

TU Delft expects you to show intellectual curiosity and active participation. Of course, there is classical teaching in the form of lectures and practical training in labs. Next to this, you will also have a lot of project work. This means that you will form a group with several other students and are expected to deliver a product (e.g. paper, model or programme) before a certain deadline. How you plan meetings and divide up work to get to the end product is up to the project group. Lecturers and teaching assistants are there to guide you in the learning process, but do not provide remedial lessons. It is your responsibility to grapple with the material and stay up to date. 

During our programmes, you will often have to search for data and information yourself. Ste study load (including the lectures and practical sessions) has been scheduled for an average of 42 hours per week in each quarter.