Step 1: Start your Master Thesis Project

Make sure you go trough all following steps before starting your graduation.

A. Fulfill the prerequisites

Starting conditions for the master thesis project are formulated in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER), Appendix 2. Implementation Regulations:

Article 2 - Master Thesis Project

  • A student can start the Master Thesis Project when all other study units of the curriculum have been completed.
  • If the requirement in subsection 1 has not been met, the student can be admitted to the graduation work only with the permission of the Board of Examiners. The student can only apply for this permission when the Master Thesis Preparation module has been completed and less than 10 EC of the curriculum remain. The Board of Examiners requires a positive advice from the academic counsellor.
B. Find a master thesis project

 On this page you will find helpful information how to find a master thesis project.

C. How to compose your Graduation Committee

On this page you will find helpful information on how to compose your graduation committee.

D. Be cautious about Confidentiality Agreements

Please note: if you want to conduct research at a company, you may be asked to sign a declaration of confidentiality to specify that you will not release any confidential company-related information. However, this can cause problems for your study programme. After all, the study programme must be able to assess your work and to do this, your supervisors at TPM must be able to gain insight into your activities, progress and results. If the company in question does not grant its approval for either of the options, you will have to ask yourself whether this particular project is suitable as a graduation project. Don't sign a confidentiality agreement without consulting your graduation committee. You can find the model confidentiality agreement with explanation under forms. This is in principle the only confidentiality agreement that the TU Delft is prepared to sign. Any deviations from this model agreement must be approved by the legal department, and it will be a lengthly and complicated process.

ATTENTION: Please take care of the signatures of all supervisors. Only duly signed forms will be processed!!

Guidelines for human research

Does your research involve human  subjects (for example: interviews, online questionnaires, serious games or brainstorm sessions)? In that case, your research has to be in accordance with the  guidelines of the Human Research Ethics committee of the TU Delft  ( i.e.:

  • Safety,
  • Informed Consent by the participants
  • Data protection in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Please fill in the checklist and see whether your research is 'Minimal Risk'  and send this to your supervisor. If you, or your supervisor, thinks the research is more than minimal risk (for example, because it involved sensitive personal data, vulnerable people or deception), then please prepare an application for HREC for approval.

ATTENTION: Please take care of the signatures of all supervisors. Only duly signed forms will be processed!

E. Consider etiquette in relations

Please consider the following etiquettes:

External organisations​

  • Always remember that you are in a way representing TU Delft and TPM faculty vis-à-vis an external organisation, so please observe the proper courtesy forms in your contact.
  • If you are simultaneously exploring options at various organisations, let them know that you are looking around elsewhere as well, transparency is expected and appreciated.
  • When you have definitely chosen for a graduation project at one of the organisations, you need to correctly inform the other organiations that you will not join them. 

TPM internal  

  • If you discuss your options with several staff members: let them know that you do so, transparency in this is expected and appreciated.
  • Keep them informed of your final decisions and acknowledge their efforts in helping you.
  • If you have found a graduation project: don’t “shop around” for supervisors. Think about which sections would be most suitable to supervise your graduation project before approaching each and every section. The graduation coordinator of the sections can advise you on the composition of the graduation committee
  • If, for some reason, you are unable to work on your thesis project for a longer period of time, please notify your supervisors​.