Step 1B: Find a master thesis project

When to start searching for a master thesis project?

You are advised to start searching for a topic about 2-3 months before starting your graduation project (or even earlier). A good place to start is the list of Graduation Projects, the Thesis Circles and Curius career on the portal. If you wish to graduate on a topic that you define yourself, then you are advised to formulate a preliminary research proposal that you can use when contacting a Graduation Coordinator (step 1C: How to compose your Graduation Committee)

You can explore a graduation topic during the Master Thesis Preparation Course. If you choose to graduate on the proposal that you develop during the Master Thesis Preparation course, you will usually have to further elaborate and refine this proposal during the first four weeks of your graduation project.

This short movie is made for TPM students who consider doing their thesis project at a company. In this movie you will find tips and experiences of other students who did this. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, you can contact a graduation coordinator.


How to find a maste​r thesis project?

There are several ways to find a master thesis project:

  • You can find a graduation theme or project via this site. See: Graduation Projects, Thesis circles or Curius career;
  • Choose a graduation coordinator that you think fits your interests best. The graduation coordinators are your contact to find a suitable First Supervisor.
  • You may be able to find a graduation topic yourself within an external organisation: contact a graduation coordinator for assistance in finding a first supervisor. If you plan an internship, note that you will need a tripartite graduation agreement (further details in the next sessions);
  • You may have an interest in the research of one of a (associate or assistant) professor or PhD candidate: discuss your interest with hem/her to discover whether they can provide you with a master thesis project.
  • Also read this: Finding a suitable type of graduation research project 


Review criteria of master programmes

If you are about to start your graduation project, please read the information below. These criteria will also be mentioned on the Kick-off form and Green Light form.

General Criteria for graduation at CoSEM, EPA and MOT

  • the work contains an analytical component
  • the work is multidisciplinary in nature
  • the work focuses on a technical domain or application