Step 1C: How to compose your Graduation Committee

How to compose your Graduation Committee

  1. If you do a specific project (here) or join a thesis circle (here), turn to the contact mentioned in the description for the formation of your committee.
  2. In all other cases, the Graduation Coordinators (GC) are your contact to find a suitable First Supervisor. Choose the GC that you think fits your interests best (see the list of GCc). This also holds if you have a prospective external project: contact an GC as early as possible. The GC should connect you to a First Supervisor (or to another GC to take over).
  3. Your First Supervisor is your contact to complete your graduation committee. Your First Supervisor may contact an intented Second Supervisor directly, or ask you to contact them. Alternatively, your First Supervisor may refer you to the GC of the section of choice to find a suitable Second Supervisor.
  4. Do not shop around among staff members on your own. If an intended Supervisor rejects the request, always return to your previous contact (GC or First Supervisor)

The committee consists of at least two persons, with at least one member who is involved as course manager or instructor in:

  • the core courses of the first year of the student’s master programme;
  • the Master Thesis Preparation course of the relevant programme;
  • the first-year Track courses in the CoSEM programme (only for CoSEM students).

First and Second Supervisor:

A member of the scientific staff (lecturer) of TPM. The first and second supervisor should come from different research groups (“secties” in Dutch).


Preferably, either the First or the Second Supervisor takes the role of Chair. Alternatively, the role of Chair may be taken by an additional member of the committee who is neither First nor Second Supervisor. The Chair must be a permanent staff member of TPM who is appointed as promotor by the TU Delft Board for Doctorates or associate professor (UHD-profile) who participates in at least one of the following programmes: TB, CoSEM, EPA and MOT, or a current or former Director of Studies from the Faculty of TPM. See link


Optionally, an advisor might be appointed to support the student under the supervision of the assessment committee. An advisor cannot assume any responsibilities of the first or second supervisor or chairman.