Step 4: Graduation

At least two weeks before your Graduation Presentation:

  1. Send a digital copy of your thesis to
  2. Hand in a hard (or paper) copy of your thesis to the members of your graduation committee (please consult your graduation committee about this). 
  3. ​​Upload your thesis together with the duly signed confidentially agreement (if applicable) to the TU Delft Repository: please fill out all the fields (all members of your committee, your programme and department of graduation etc.), See the upload instructions.
  4. Book a room for your Graduation​ Presentation via the secretary of the section of your first supervisor.
  5. Inform your graduation committee.
  6. If your thesis is supported by datasets or software code, you must decide what to do with this supporting material (archive publicly, or transfer to supervisor, or delete it  after graduation). Ask your supervisor for advice on what to do, and your data steward on how to do it (if needed).
  7. If you worked with personal data:
    • Make sure that all the data that needs to be deleted is in a well identified storage location so you can deleted as soon as the graduation as taken place.
    • Make sure that the personal data preserved at TUD is under the responsibility of your supervisor.

Optional: book the cafe at TPM; book the stage at TPM for your reception


Please check the FormsFinal assessment form - Master Thesis Project

The Thesis assessment form will be sent digitally to by your first supervisor immediately after graduation.