Step 4: Graduation

At least two weeks before your Graduation Presentation:

  • Send a digital copy of your thesis (for CoSEM also the scientific paper) to
  • Hand in a hard (or paper) copy of your thesis to the members of your graduation committee (please consult your graduation committee about this). 
  • ​​Upload your thesis together with the duly signed confidentially agreement (if applicable) to the TU Delft Repository: please fill out all the fields (all members of your committee, your programme and department of graduation etc.), See the upload instructions.
  • Book a room for your Graduation​ Presentation via the secretary of the section of your first supervisor.
  • Inform your graduation committee.
  • Inform the TPM Marketing & Communication department with date, time, place and title of your presentation and the name of your graduation professor (full initials): M&C will publish all data with respect to your graduation on the agenda (website) and plasma screens in the TPM hall.​
  • Optional: book the cafe at TPM; book the stage at TPM for your reception