Information campus The Hague

The MSc programme Engineering and Policy Analysis is based at Leiden University's Wijnhaven building at Turfmarkt 99 in The Hague. TU Delft is leasing over 400 m2 of office and laboratory space on the fifth floor of the building.For students several so-called train carriages, are available, which can serve as study workspaces.
Moreover students can use all study workspaces. Lectures will primarily take place in the auditoria and 'flat' lecture rooms in the building.

ICT facilities

EPA students will be assumed to have their own laptops. In addition they can use their Leiden University account and the LU card to access general student facilities in the building (such as study workspaces, printing facilities, and the library).


In the Wijnhaven building, staff and students can make use of the wireless Eduroam network, just as they can at TU Delft. This can be done with the same laptop or mobile device configuration and simply using the TU Delft NetID.
In the offices and laboratories on the fifth floor workspaces have been set up equipped with docking sets (screen, keyboard, mouse) for laptops. These can be linked via USB, thereby providing access to the cabled network within the building.
ICT needs to make final preparations in order to enable devices to make direct use of the fixed network connections (e.g. in the labs). For this, please contact the OTBM Service Desk. The OTBM Service Desk is also the first point of contact for any ICT support you may need on site. They can be contacted by telephone on: +31152789801. Remote support is provided by TU Delft/TPM workspace services.


It is assumed that students have laptops and are familiar with their use. For additional information and manuals, please refer to the TU Delft information pages at: and in particular:

  • Use of USB docking set (with fixed network) at EPA The Hague
  • Use of MS Lync \ Skype for Business
  • Use of Citrix Weblogin environment
  • Use of Citrix receiver
  • Access to TU Delft file locations
  • On-site printing at EPA The Hague
Regular points of contact

On our floor in the Wijnhaven building, there will be a location manager and a secretary. Both are the first point of contact for students and staff. In addition, an academic counsellor will hold consultation sessions in the Wijnhaven building three half days per week. The international officer will be available for at least one half-day session each week. The EPA Chapter from study association Curius will also be open several days per week.

Policy on coffee/tea facilities

The Wijnhaven building has sufficient numbers of kitchenettes equipped with coffee and tea-making facilities provided by the faculty and in some cases also a microwave. Students have to use their bank pass for coffee and tea. 

Wijnhaven service desk

The Wijnhaven service desk is located on the second floor of the building. Any building-related questions can be asked here. The Wijnhaven service desk can also be contacted by or by telephone on +31 (0)70 800 9304.
In case of problems with the audio-video equipment in the lecture rooms, please contact the ICT servicedesk of Leiden University: phone  071-527 8888 or e-mail: .
For questions relating to ICT, please contact the OTBM Service Desk.

Courtyard garden

The Wijnhaven site has a courtyard garden for staff, lecturers, students and visitors. In the courtyard garden, students can study in a relaxed atmosphere at one of the 350 sun/study places, lying on the grass or on one of the chairs on the terrace.  The courtyard garden will include a separate (covered) smoking area.


On the ground floor and the second and third floors of the building, there are large numbers of lockers that can be operated by staff and students using the LU card.
The use of the lockers is free of charge. All lockers are re-set at 24.00 every day to prevent long-term use by individuals.


The lift in the Wijnhaven building is for use by the disabled only and for transporting goods that cannot be carried up or down the stairs.


The main entrance to the Wijnhaven building is on the Turfmarkt side. It is also possible to enter the building via the cycle sheds (side entrance at Lange Zand).

Bicycle and car parking

There is a Q-park underneath the Wijnhaven building. No spaces will be reserved for staff and/or university visitors.
The entrance for cyclists into the Wijnhaven building is on the Lage Zand side and can be opened using the LU card.

Temperature control

The temperature in the Wijnhaven building is controlled centrally. Windows can be opened slightly for fresh air.


Be sure to put waste and waste paper in the appropriate containers!