Welcome new MSc Students

Dear new Dutch and international Master students, 

As a result of the current measures for COVID-19, the Introduction Programme and Faculty introductions will differ from the way we normally welcome you at TU Delft. Nevertheless we are working on giving you a warm welcome. The programme will be mainly online, which makes it accessible for all new Master students, even if you will not be in Delft (yet).

More information for international students is available here. 

Information for international students on registration, bank account and insurances has been updated around 15 July and can be found here.

Welcome online to the Faculty of Technology Policy and Management! 

On this student portal webpage you will find more information on the (online) introduction activities the Faculty TPM offers at the start of the academic year. The academic year starts on Monday 31 August 2020. Keep an eye on this website and the Socials of TPM! 

TU Delft - Dean Aukje Hassoldt welcomes new TPM students

Introduction EPA

On Monday 31 August 2020 in the afternoon there will be an introduction meeting for all Dutch and international EPA students. Location is on campus, at Drebbelweg, Delft. The detailed program is to be announced.

By mid September after the first weeks of class, we will organize some activities with presentations, games and workshops to get to know each other better.

Introduction MOT

MSc MOT classes start on 31 August. MSc MOT has planned several introduction sessions in small groups on campus on Wednesday 2 September in the afternoon. The sessions will be located in lecture room A at the Faculty TPM, Jaffalaan 5, Delft.

The detailed program is to be announced.

Introduction CoSEM

MSc CoSEM starts with a Bootcamp (SEN111A Introduction to Designing in Complex Systems) on 31 August.

This is an intensive, structured one-week programme. In this week, students start with learning how to design in socio-technical systems. Daily group assignments, related to a real-world design problem, challenge students to use these concepts and methods. This course requires full attendance during all scheduled hours (8:30-17:30 , WET/GST +1). Students work in teams and under supervision. The course has been set up to allow remote learning if access to the campus classrooms and study places is limited or prohibited because of TU Delft regulations.

Student mentor programme

At the start of the new academic year in August 2020 we would like to offer the new students all the tools they may need to settle in. One of the ways to get acquainted with the university and the city of Delft (MOT and CoSEM) resp. The Hague (EPA) is to have a student mentor at their disposal. 

The aim of the student mentor programme is to help the students get settled at TU Delft, and to enable the students to develop their own skills, strategies and capabilities so that they are enabled to tackle the next hurdle more effectively with or without the mentor’s help.

We are setting up the student mentor programme in groups of 10 students for all Master students for the first semester 2020-2021. In the course of August you will be informed in more detail on who is your mentor and how to reach each other.