Acknowledgement of obtained results

It is important that study results obtained abroad will be registered at TU Delft upon return to have these results included on your BSc or MSc degree certificate. Starting academic year 2017-2018 the grades obtained outside the DUT will not be stated on your list of grades, only the mark V (voldaan/pass).

For your study results to be processed, the Education Administration needs your Transcript of Records. These need to be certified by the host university. Make sure that (a certified copy of) the Transcript of Records is handed in at the Board of Examiners of TPM. The Board of Examiners will first translate your Transcript of Records to Dutch grades (voldaan/pass) and credits before sending it to the Education Administration.

Finalizing grants or funds

Certain grants and funds require you to hand in documentation (like a Transcript of Records) to finalize the grant process. Deadlines may vary between grants.

Study Abroad poster

You have the option of making a Study Abroad poster. This poster contains a short student report and some nice pictures for illustration. You will receive a laminated version of the poster from the International Office, which you may keep as a souvenir. The poster will be used as promotion material on study information days as well as on the TPM Study Abroad website. In the poster guidelines you will find instructions. If you like, you can do a poster presentation together with a travel companion.

Here you can find some examples of Study Abroad posters: