TPM study abroad fund

The Faculty of TPM offers a study abroad fund to its students. This grant covers half of the travel costs to the country of destination to a maximum amount of 280 Euros. The grant is only extended to students once and is meant as an addition to and not instead of other funds received. A link to the online TPM fund application form and conditions can be found here.  

TU Delft grants

TU Delft has various grants and funds available to students, who want to spend a study period abroad. Search here to figure out which grants or funds might be available for you, before you contact the Central International Office to apply.

Special grants

In addition to the grants mentioned above, there are also a number of grants available outside TU Delft. There are so many available it may be worth doing some research. Please visit to find special grants.

Student public transport refund

If you still qualify for free public transport as a student while abroad, you may request a refund for the period of your absence. You may start your application for a refund here. Please note that you are required to hand in this application two months before departure. If your study abroad or internship is not a required part of your study programme (e.g. not a minor, self-composed minor or master courses), then you cannot apply for this refund.