Agenda Graduation ceremonies

Vanaf 23 maart tot nader order vinden alle diploma-uitreikingen online plaats. Voorzitters, mentoren en getroffen studenten worden gecontacteerd door de afdeling Onderwijs en Studentenzaken (ES&A)

Zie ook de coronaviruspagina van de TU Delft voor een update. 

Wil je een online ceremonie bij wonen, neem dan contact op met de afstudeerder of vraag de link naar de online afstudeersessie op bij het secretariaat van de chair.


Daan de Wolf

Chair: Dr. G. Calabretta

Mentor: Ir. S.R. Dehli

Title: Attracting and engaging young adults to the Westfriese libraries

14 June, 10:45, Online


Jonne Frankena

Chair: G.J. Pasman

Mentor: MSc F.M. de Jonge

Title: Helping young adults to start investing long term

21 June, 10:45, Online


Jeroen Walgaard

Chair: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Mentor: Ir. M. Smulders

Title: Design of a power nap facility for night shift workers

21 June, 10:45, Online


Yixiang Zhang

Chair: W.F. van der Vegte

Mentor: A.H. Jellema MSc

Title: Smart safety shoe of the future: Detecting risks of low back pain

24 June, 13:45, Online


Jip Schelling

Chair: E.W. Tempelman

Mentor: Ir. I.R. Smit

Title: Mobility hubs: How will the function, look and enrich the city?

25 June, 15:30, Online


Senna Snel

Chair: S.F.J. Flipsen

Mentor: T.S. Wallner

Title: Design the used

25 June, 11:00, Online


Michael Speek

Chair: Prof.dr. P.P.M. Hekkert

Mentor: A.E. Pohlmeyer

Title: Design for well-being by stimulating happiness-enhancing activities

25 June, 11:00, Online


Jard van Lent

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: MSc S. Persaud

Title: COEVOLVE: A design journey towards more inclusive and more circular medical practices

28 June, 13:45, Online


Kasper de Haas

Chair: Ir. R.J.H.G. van Heur

Mentor: Ir. G.H. Berghuis

Title: Improving group dynamics and involvement in hybrid meetings

28 June, 15:45, Online


Lisa Wamelink

Chair: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Mentor: MSc W. Kets

Title: Flying-V interior: Floorplan design for improved passenger comfort

28 June, 14:00, Online


Emilio de Jonghe

Chair: Prof. C. van Middelkoop

Mentor: M. Li

Title: Mixed reality: The next step in critical emergency calls

30 June, 13:45, Online


Louise Platell

Chair: Prof.dr. A.R. Balkenende

Mentor: Ir. R.B.R. van den Berge

Title: Repairable smartphones: Developing a product-service system that stimulates consumers to choose for repair over replacement

1 July, 10:45, Online


Ludo de Goeje

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: MSc A. Albayrak

Title: Accelerating the development of UCP-LF CAA strip readers for schistosomiasis diagnosis

1 July, 11:00, Online


Dyantha Fisser

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Dr. A. Polyportis

Title: Implementing sustainable Internet of Things in horticulture

1 July, 13:30, Wim Crouwel room


Victor Wijn

Chair: R.H.M. Goossens

Mentor: M. Li

Title: A roadmap towards touchless interaction during image guided therapy

1 July, 15:00, Online


Tim Rijkers

Chair: G. Calabretta

Mentor: Ir. BR Baldassarre

Title: Developing leadership qualities for designers

2 July, 09:30, Hans Dirkenroom


Talitha Brenninkmeyer

Chair: Ir. R.J.H.G. van Heur

Mentor: Dr. M.K. Chmarra

Title: Pentaport, the safe gateway for complex endovascular aortic repair

2 July, 14:30, Online


Floris Sombeek

Chair: J.M.L. van Engelen

Mentor: Prof.dr. L. Kuipers

Title: Perceived safety in neighbourhoods: A design to increase the subjective safety

2 July, 10:00, Wim Crouwel room


Celine Tesselaar

Chair: L.W.L. Simonse

Mentor: Ir. R.G.H. Bluemink

Title: The long now: Design roadmapping workshops for non-designers

6 July, 08:45, IDE Arena


Meike Kuiper

Chair: Ir. I.A. Ruiter

Mentor: Ir. I.R. Smit

Title: A handbook for guidance on the design process for a SeaBubble dock

7 July, 10:45


Chengtian Li

Chair: Prof.dr. G. Kortuem

Mentor: N.A. Romero Herrera

Title: Feel data; Public data visualization as a medium to motivate data donation

7 July, 11:00, Online


Rebekah Kempske

Chair: R.H.M. Goossens

Mentor: MSc H.H. Bodewes

Title: Design of interface for Gait assessment in spinal cord injury

7 july, 15:00


Simone Mello Pereira Uriartt

Chair: Prof.dr. P.A. Lloyd

Mentor: Dr. S. Celik

Title: Embedding design practices in a non-profit foundation for the Brazilian Amazon rainforest

7 July, 15:00, Online


Jerome Hompes

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. S. Bakker-Wu

Title: Improving co-creation in brand development between Europe and China

8 July, 10:30, IDE Arena


Ane de la Brena Garcia

Chair: Dr. N.A. Romero Herrera

Mentor: J.I. van Kuijk

Title: Empowering teenagers in their interactions with social media sexualisation

8 July, 10:45


Tirza Izelaar

Chair: Prof.dr. B.F. van Eekelen

Mentor: Prof.dr. P.P.M. Hekkert

Title: Recolor the dominant truth: Work oriented interventions to uncover racial manifestations

9 July, location to be determined


Marie Beljaars

Chair: K.M.B. Jansen

Mentor: Dr. T. Huysmans

Title: Ergonomic water bolus design for hyperthermia treatment of head and neck cancer patients

9 July, 13:45, Online


Chris Vlasblom

Chair: Ir. R.J.H.G. van Heur

Mentor: Ir. I.A. Ruiter

Title: Improving toilet posture: Design of an adjustable toilet footrest

9 July, 13:45, Online


Eva van Eck

Chair: Dr. I.J. Mulder

Mentor: A.M. Onencan

Title: A service design toolkit for a more inclusive energy transition

9 July, 15:45


Sander Koek

Chair: Prof.dr. S.C. Pont

Mentor: C. Smit

Title: Creating a product to make the concept of light more comprehensible

14 July, 08:45, Online


Chris de Wilde

Chair: J.E. Oberdorf

Mentor: Prof.dr. P.P.M. Hekkert

Title: Breman, a circular brand identity?

14 July, 13:00, Online


Trudie Bosse

Chair: N.A. Romero Herrera

Mentor: Dr. F. Secomandi

Title: Supporting youth workers to work with a youth mentoring approach

14 July, 15:45, location to be determined


Willemijn Boere

Chair: M.H. Sonneveld

Mentor: Ir. J.M.W. Weerdesteijn

Title: Implementation of the ON2 method

15 July, 13:45, location to be determined


Jorrit Kleerebezem

Chair: J.E. Oberdorf

Mentor: J.C. Diehl

Title: Enhancing the quality of field prepared malaria blood smears

20 July, 11:00, IDE Arena


Orelio de Jonghe

Chair: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Mentor: Dr. Y. Song

Title: Design of a lightweight aircraft seat for short-haul flights

20 July, 13:45, Online


Pranav Gawde

Chair: J. Wu

Mentor: Prof.dr. A.R. Balkenende

Title: Modularity in lattice structures for circular product design

21 July, 09:45, Online


George Kuhfus

Chair: Dr. R.A. Price

Mentor: Dr. G. Calabretta

Title: Designing creative agency – Client relationships

26 July, 13:45, IDE Arena