Agenda Graduation ceremonies

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Steffan Roskam

Chair: Dr. M.W.A. Wijntjes

Mentor: Dr. V.T. Visch

Title: Design for immersion: A case study on creating an outdoor escape experience

14 October, 15:45, IDE Arena


Lee Yin-Jen

Chair: Dr. R.S.K. Chandrasegaran

Mentor: MSc J. Coelen

Title: Overcoming lack of shared company objectives in an early stage startup

18 October, 13:45, IDE Arena


Zhiyu Shi

Chair: Ir. H. Kuipers

Mentor: T.T.W. Essers

Title: First aid kit design for outdoor sports

20 October, 10:45, Norbert Roozenburg hall


Milla Zlatanova

Chair: Dr. S.U. Boess

Mentor: Dr. N.A. Romero Herrrera

Title: Designing motivational data for males with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

22 October, 15:45, Joost van der Grinten hall


Cindy Jantji

Chair: A.G.C. van Boeijen

Mentor: Ing. A.J.C. van der Helm

Title: Beige by Default: The issue of skin tone inclusivity in product design and a proposal for resolving it in design education and professional practices.

27 October, 15:45, Online


Judith Verweij

Chair: J. van Erp

Mentor: J.I. van Kuijk

Title: A design strategy for improving Dutch combat medical communication

27 October, 10:45, Joost van der Grinten hal


Alessandro Domenighini

Chair: Dr. J. Faludi

Mentor: Ir. L. Ritzen

Title: Sustainable opportunities in the fashion industry: easing the transition to a slower, user-inclusive production model for Maium

28 October, 14:45, IDE Arena


Rodrigo Flores Garcia

Chair: Prof.dr. P.A. Lloyd

Mentor: L.W.L. Simonse

Title: Arhealth: Enabling wellness as a road to health with service design

28 October, 15:45, Wim Crouwel hal


Fauza Karomatul Masyhuroh

Chair: Ir. H. Kuipers

Mentor: H. Goss MSc

Title: Design an intervention to support food waste prevention at home

28 October, 13:45, IDE Arena


Xiao Mei Huang

Chair: A.G.C. van Boeijen

Mentor: A.I. Keller

Title: Pop your bubble – A tool for teenagers to rethink their online sub-culture

28 October, 15:45, IDE Arena


Ayyoeb Ichaarine

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Title: Strategically establishing address validation as part of a digital identity

29 October, 10:45, Pulse hall 2


Da-Wei Yu

Chair: Dr. S. Celik

Mentor: Dr. J. Faludi

Title: Adopting systemic design for co-creating circular economy innovation

29 October, 10:00, Online


Kari Dooren

Chair: Dr. R.A. Price

Mentor: J. van Erp

Title: Designing a more inclusive museum experience

8 November, 09:00, Online


Thomas Imhoff

Chair: A.P.O.S. Vermeeren

Mentor: Ir. M.A. Gielen

Title: A mobile interactive exhibition about sustainability for children

11 November, 13:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall