Agenda Graduation Ceremonies


Adrián Esquinas

Chair: Prof.dr. G. Kortuem

Mentor: J.M.L. van Engelen

Title: Tools and brokers: Implementing the innovation ecosystem at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

16 June, 17:00, Joost van der Grintenhall


Pepijn Gerritsen

Chair: Dr. R. van Egmond

Mentor: MSc S.M. Persaud

Title: Embodiment design of a hi-fi speaker with a full range cardioid radiation pattern

20 June, 10:45, Pulse hall 4


Daniël Houwing

Chair: Prof.dr. D.J. van Eijk

Mentor: P. Vink

Title: Evaluating a Flying-V interior concept in VR

23 June, 13:45, Joost van der Grinten hall


Rick Cazemier

Chair: Ir. H. Kuipers

Mentor: Dr. T. Huysmans

Title: ReSpire-F: Cooling vest for the female soldier

24 June, 13:45, Pulse Technology


Sita de Kruijf

Chair: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Mentor: MSc S. Bakker – Wu

Title: Manifesting internal brand alignment at WeTransfer

27 June, 15:45, IDE Arena


Bas Leferink

Chair: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Mentor: W.S. Elkhuizen

Title: Making museum experiences more engaging and comprehensive: A conceptual framework for exhibition design

29 June, 15:45, IDE Arena


Chaiyu Ho

Chair: Dr. M. Goncalves

Mentor: Dr. S.K. Chandrasegaran

Title: Contextualize Big-thin Data by experiencing prototyping

30 June, 13:45, Online


Jesse Kamp

Chair: Ir. E.W. Thomassen

Mentor: Ir. M.F. Beets

Title: Creating seamless self check-out areas in supermarkets using automatic customer exit control

30 June, 13:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall


Kim Vroege

Chair: Ir. H. Kuipers

Mentor: S.N. Paus-Buzink

Title: A new baby carrier design

30 June, 13:45, Hans Dirken room


Hannah Vear

Chair: S.C. Santema

Mentor: Ir. G.H. Berghuis

Title: Retail as a channel to improve customer’s Financial Health

30 June, 15:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall


Jann Meinzer

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: MSc. J. Coelen

Title: Experimental learning as a method to develop go-to-market strategies for start-ups

1 July, 13:30, IDE Arena


Zahra Merchant

Chair: S.C. Santema

Mentor: Dr. F. Secomandi

Title: Transformation of Schiphol to a Multi modal Hub

4 July, 15:00, IDE Arena


Frida Gomez Poblette

Chair: Prof.dr. P.J. Stappers

Mentor: Ir. S.S. Mulder

Title: Integrating systemic design in a social design practice

6 July, 13:45, IDE Arena



Megan Chan

Chair: Dr. V.T. Visch

Mentor: Ir. J.S. Faber

Title: Integrating physical activity in the daily life of cardiac patients – A persuasive game during rehabilitation

6 July, 13:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall



Laura Looijen

Chair: Dr. I.J. Mulder

Mentor: Dr. H. McQuillan

Title: Facilitation of beginning sewers in making fitting clothes from scratch

7 July, 13:30, IDE Arena


Roos van ‘t Klooster

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: J. Coelen MSc

Title: How can early-stage startups obtain their first 1000 customers? A case study for the sewing startup Maki

7 July, 15:30, IDE Arena


Tingwei Long

Chair: R.H.M. Goossens

Mentor: S.R. Dehli MSc

Title: Design a hybrid patient journey in supportive care

8 July, 8:45, Hans Dirken room



Shannon Walraven

Chair: M. H. Sonneveld

Mentor: G.J. Pasman

Title: Supporting nurses to discuss intimacy and sexuality with patients with incurable cancer

8 July, 13:45, IDE Arena


Puck Gräffner

Chair: Dr. S.U. Boess

Mentor: MSc S.R. Dehli

Title: Participation at your doorstep: Stimulating social cohesion and building new relations between Rotterdammers and the municipality

12 July, 15:45, IDE Arena

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