Via this page, you can find all the documents related to the graduation project, sorted by the phase in which they are needed.


MSc Graduation Project of 30 EC


MSc Graduation Project of 33 EC

(ID4196, ID4297, ID4396)

Be aware that as from 1-2-2019 you can no longer start a 33EC graduation project. See transition rule below.

Transition to 30 EC graduation project

Transition rule (Feb 2019)


<link file:58480 _blank>Graduation manual for students (August 2016)
<link file:65143 _blank>Graduation manual for companies


Format for Graduation Assignment
<link file:58461 _blank>IDE Graduation Contract (<link file:58462 _blank>Word) (<link file:58461 _blank>PDF)
Gedragscode BNO

Chairs and mentors

IDE chairs and mentors (November 2019)

Post Green Light meeting

Form 'Annotation Approval Entrepreneurship' (B3_E) (Feb 2019)
Form 'Annotation Approval Technology in Sustainable Design' (B3_S) (Feb 2019)
IDE Master Electives List - 18 ec (Feb 2019)
Letter after obtaining Green Light – 33 EC (Feb 2019)

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