Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2022-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Mapping the potential usage of the reusable video laryngoscope, Layco and Erasmus Medical Center

Layco Medical Devices is developing a reusable video laryngoscope. This is a tool that is used for intubation; the placing of a breathing tube into a patient's airway. For this graduation project the potential use of the video laryngoscope in the hospital needs to be identified better.

2022-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Little voices in the big city, IDE Urban Analytics Lab

Your research can contribute to incorporating children’s needs, wishes, or creativity in the way the urban environment is shaped. Children’s voices, to date, remain largely unheard, while their direct surroundings and independence are key to their health, well-being and development.

2022-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Innovating secondary education through creativity and entrepreneurship , GoFuture

2022-12-04 | Graduation Opportunity Defining a strategy to hand-out and return a medical home-monitoring device and its disposables, Praxa Sense and Erasmus Medical Center

Praxa Sense designed Afi, which makes heart rhythm monitoring possible for up to 30 days. As a graduate, you will research current practices in the hospital and remote monitoring, to formulate strategies that mitigate waste creation and encourage re-use and recycling.

2022-11-24 | Graduation Opportunity Smart additive manufacturing, Airbus and LCD-CfS Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs

In this graduation project the focus is on inline monitoring in additive manufacturing. Inline monitoring of the additive manufacturing process utilising AI is a promising approach to remove post-printing inspection, reducing the overall time and cost, as well as energy consumption, material consumption and waste. For more information, see the vacancy!

2022-11-24 | Graduation Opportunity High performance thermoplastic advanced life-cycles, Airbus & LDE-CfS Interdisciplinary Thesis Labs

One of the main challenges of the aeronautical sector is to lighten the structures in order to satisfy economic and ecological constraints. To meet these challenges, the aerospace industry is constantly looking for lighter materials while maintaining high thermomechanical properties. For the research question(s), see the vacancy!

2022-11-19 | Graduation Opportunity UX Design, Picnic

Picnic offers a opportunity to a graduate in an innovative scale-up culture where everything you do matters. Picnic is looking for aspiring UX designers, product designers and researchers to help them take Picnic to the next level.

2022-11-19 | Graduation Opportunity AI & Design, Thoughtworks and The Designing Intelligence Lab

Thoughtworks and The Designing Intelligence Lab are looking for boundary-pushing graduation projects that explore the potential of AI in creative, strategic, and commercial contexts. In particular, they are looking to develop project proposals in three distinctive areas. Look at the graduation opportunity for the areas.

2022-11-14 | Graduation Opportunity Personalized safety shoes based on worker activitiy, Bata Industrials

Bata Industrials designs and manufactures safety shoes and socks for various professional environments and for a variety of activities. Industry 4.0 technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing (additive manufacturing) are starting to enter the mass production industry. Bata Industrials designs is looking for a graduate student, who investigate the opportunities in this new industry.

2022-11-14 | Graduation Opportunity Circular Economy - Medical Device Design for Disassembly of an Auto-Injector, Alliance to Zero

Auto-injectors are increasingly used to provide medications to patients at home by themselves. After a single use, these sophisticated medical devices are disposed of. The Alliance to Zero and TU Delft are actively exploring how such a device can become more circular by refilling, reusing parts, or recycling. Alliance to Zero is looking for an IPD graduation student to look after disassembly opportunities for autoinjectors.

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