Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2022-06-30 | Graduation Opportunity UX Design about indoor climate of buildings, WeAreReasonablePeople

WeAreReasonablePeople are buidling a venture in which we're designing an ecosystem of smart sensors and digital products that provides users with insights on the indoor climate of buildings. In this graduation project a graduate will be creating an user experience for one of the digital products, impacting the core of the ecosystem and its users.

2022-06-30 | Graduation Opportunity Stategisch and product design, Kruitbosch

“Vision 2035” is a strategic project to sharp the focus of Kruitbosch, a service-oriented business and retail partner in (E-)bikes, parts and accessories. Kruitbosch believe that a vision can be created by looking at developments within the city, by focusing on the usage, and by combining this with the brand identity.

2022-06-30 | Graduation Opportunity Smart device for minimal invasive surgery; a lifesaving innovation, TU Delft

In this graduation project a student will perform a comprehensive literature review on how to develop a medical device e.g. a catheter which has a variable stiffness that can instantly shift shape as well as rigidity.

2022-06-30 | Graduation Opportunity Designing a temporary public transport platform, Stadsingenieurs B.V.

The assignment consists of the integral design of a temporary bus / tram platform. The situation now is that unavailable platforms are compensated with temporary platforms, however, no formal design requirements are available for a temporary platform which leads to a lof of variance.

2022-06-30 | Afstudeeropdracht Design Thinking in de Zorg, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management

In deze afstudeeropdracht kan er meer onderzoek gedaan worden naar Design Thinking in de Zorg. De opdracht kan ingevuld worden als een ontwerpopdracht, met als resultaat bijvoorbeeld een design thinking tool of een design thinking training voor de zorg, maar ook als een onderzoek waarbij het eindresultaat een (concept) wetenschappelijk paper is.

2022-06-30 | Afstudeeeropdracht Kinder vliegtuigbedje, Wick Wings

Het doel van deze afstuuropdracht is het ontwerpen van een veilig bedje voor een kind te gebruiken op een vliegtuigstoel.

2022-06-29 | Graduation Opportunity Strategic Product Design Graduation project, Guidion

The goal of this graduation project is to design a vision and positioning statement that truly represents our brand and the opportunities for a one-stop-shop-concept that adds value to people the environment and Guidions organisation.

2022-06-29 | Graduation Opportunity Micromobility (Vroegh, Zeist)

The goal of this graduation project is to help Vroegh research how the personal mobility trend will evolve in the coming years. VROEGH Design is a globally operating agency, solely focused on New Mobility vehicle design, development, and engineering.

2022-06-29 | Graduation Opportunity Improve the acoustic comfort experience of passengers in the more sustainable turbo propeller aircraft, TU Delft

The more sustainable turbo propeller aircraft is an important step towards emission free aviation. But cabin noise is its big achilles heel. SDE department is looking for someone who can help solve this puzzle. Find out how we can improve the passenger acoustic comfort experience without adding significant weight to the aircraft!

2022-06-29 | Graduation Opportunity 3D Printed & mass-custmized home-office desk chair, Zon&Hoofd Design

In this graduation project the focus will be on research the ergonimcs: how do we translate a body shape into the right chair shape? Singe chairs never have been mass-customized and were always a one-sizefits-all or a fully adjustable design.

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