Study Abroad Week

The TU Delft Study Abroad Week will be organised by the International Office of IDE. During this week we will give you more information about the Minor Study Abroad and Master Electives Study Abroad. We will organise a fair and different presentations with the most important topics and you will be able to ask further questions you may have about studying abroad.

Partner universities

IDE has over 50 Partner Universities worldwide! We exchange students with our partner universities, so you will be a student at TU Delft and only pay tuition fee here. Partner universities may have different approaches and courses than IDE. Industrial Design Engineering is a wide field of study. Some partner universities will focus more on design/technical aspects/automotive/sustainability/etc. We advise you to read the websites of the universities you are interested in and read the student reports; this will give you a good understanding of what a university has to offer.

IDE Partner Universities

Student reports

All students write a travel/exchange report. The reports give you information about the courses, housing, finances and everything else there is to know about an exchange programme.

Click here for the reports


On Brightspace you can find also information; Please enroll in the course Exchange IDE . You can find movies, posters and reports on new partners. When enrolled you can find this information on Exchange IDE > Content > Partneruniversities.

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At some partner universities you need to communicate in another language, for example Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. It's highly recommended to prepare yourself before you go on exchange. You can also read information about the languages in the student travel reports. Make sure you start in time!

  • Tandem Language Project - With the Tandem Language Project you can learn a new language in a fun way. Tandem (Aegee) connects you to an international student in Delft! International students can learn you their language and they are eager to learn Dutch. So get in contact and HAVE FUN! For more information click here
  • Language courses TU Delft - TPM - At the Faculty of TPM you can learn the following languages : English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. For more information click here