Selection and approval of courses

Choose courses

The study load for one semester is equal to 30 ECTS. The host university will inform you which courses you can take as an exchange student or it is mentioned on their website. Some universities choose to offer special course packages for exchange students. The courses you choose before your exchange may change when you are there. Sometimes a course is full / it is not what you expected / there is an overlap with another course. So your courses may change when you are there.

Grades and Credits - ECTS

The international office of IDE will convert your credits if they are different than the ECTS grading system. You will receive information about the conversion by mail. The grades are not used to calculate your GPA and wonโ€™t be converted. You will receive a โ€œVโ€ (pass) on your transcript of records.


Bachelor students can take 8 ECTS in language and cultural courses.

Master students can obtain 6 ECTS in language and cultural courses. Important for MSc students: the maximum number of study credits awardable for a single course taken at another university is 15 EC, even if the actual workload was higher.