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Information for all MSc students regarding registration for education in the spring semester 2023-2024 (quarter 3 and 4)

Please read all information below before registering.

Registration for IDE MSc mandatory courses and IDE MSc electives in the spring semester (quarter 3 and quarter 4) of academic year 2023-2024 will open on 4 December. Registration can be done in the MyTUDelftapp.

Registration is possible up and until Sunday 17 December 23.59 hrs.

Please note: You have to register for all IDE MSc mandatory courses and IDE MSc electives you want to take in the spring semester (quarter 3 and quarter 4).

Make sure you register correctly and on time, because no registration means no participation in courses in the spring semester! 

Register for MSc mandatory courses: overview of the courses

Generic courses in the spring semester
ID4060                               Manage your Master                                                  Quarter 3
ID4070                               IDE Academy                                                             Quarter 3 and 4
* If you’ve started with one or both courses in September 2023 but haven’t finished the course(s) yet, you don’t have to register again.

IPD specific courses in the spring semester: programme 2023-2024 (for an overview of the total programme, click here)
ID4120-23                          Technical Ergonomics and Product Experience        Quarter 3
ID4175-23                          Advanced Embodiment Design Project                     Quarter 3 and 4  
ID4135-23                          Modelling                                                                   Quarter 3
ID4185-23                          Strategic and Sustainable Design                             Quarter 4
ID4140-23                          Material Driven Design                                              Quarter 4  
* For IPD students, who have started the IPD-programme in February 2023 or before, please check the Transition rules to find out for which courses you have to register.

DfI specific courses in the spring semester (for an overview of the total programme, click here )
ID4230                               Visual Communication Design                                   Quarter 3    
ID4256-17                          Project UXAD                                                             Quarter 3 and 4
ID4220-17                          Interactive Technology Design                                   Quarter 3 and 4
ID4235                               Reflection on Design                                                  Quarter 4
ID4265                               DfI Research Methodology                                         Quarter 4

SPD specific courses in the spring semester (for an overview of the total programme, click here)
ID4340                               Strategic Value of Design                                           Quarter 3
ID4355-16                          SPD Research                                                           Quarter 3 and 4               
ID4315-16                          Brand & Product Commercialisation                          Quarter 3 and 4                  
ID4370                               SPD Media                                                                 Quarter 4 


Register for MSc IDE Elective courses

More information about the electives, the possibilities for filling in the elective space and the offer of IDE MSc electives in the spring semester, please read the information on this website

Steps to follow in the process of registering:

Step 1
Determine which MSc mandatory - and elective courses you would like to attend in the spring semester (quarter 3 and 4). For planning purposes use:

Step 2
Open the MyTUDelftapp.

  • Go to ‘enrol’ and select ‘course’.
  • You can search by using either the course code, course name or your study program.
  • For MSc mandatory courses and MSc electives your registration will be handled as a pre-enrolment.
  • Please continue and confirm your (pre-)enrolment.
  • Register for ALL courses you want to follow in the spring semester (quarter 3 and 4).
  • After registration: double check if your courses are listed as pre-enrolments in the MyTUDelftapp. If this is not the case, your registration was not correctly processed. Try again or contact the coordinator of education 

Starting with an IDE MSc in February?

Still thinking about which IDE MSc program you want to start with in February? Then have a look at this website. If you still have doubts or questions after that, you can have a chat with an IDE student:

Take note: If you start with one of our IDE MSc programs in February, you will also have to register for the courses.

Register for courses and register for a program

Register for all courses you want to take in the spring semester (quarter 3 and 4)!
In addition to registering for courses, you must also have an enrolment in Studielink for one of the three IDE MSc programs. This is a separate process. See the information on re-enrolment on the website of the TU Delft Contact centre.


Admission requirements

For all three IDE MSc programs the BSc-Before-MSc rule applies. This means that you should have completed (all grades registered in OSIRIS) the whole BSc program in order to be admitted into one of the three IDE MSc programs. The check whether you are admissible to start with the IDE MSc program you have registered for will take place around 5 February. 


Registration for max 40 ec per semester

Students may register for courses with a total maximum study load of 40 EC per semester. If you wish to take more courses you must submit a written request, giving their reasons, to the Director of Education of the faculty (via, before the registration period. 



Do you have questions about your study planning? Please contact one of the academic counsellors.
Do you have questions about your (re-)enrolment in Studielink? Please contact the Contact centre.
Do you have questions about registering for courses? Send an email to the Coordinator of education of the faculty or visit one of the special walk-in consultations. These will take place from 12.45-13.30 in the corridor of C-4 and will be held on 5, 7, 11 and 13 December.



If, on second thoughts, you do not want to participate in a course you have registered for, you should sign out in the MyTUDelftapp. Do you do this less than a week before the start of a course? Please also send a message about your deregistration to the relevant course email address or the course coordinator. In this way, we can organise teaching and its capacity as well as possible.