Collaboration courses

(Marked as such in the online TU Delft study guide)

For some IDE courses TU Delft will make formal collaboration arrangements with companies. The companies provide real life cases suitable to the learning goals of the courses. Instead of working on a fictional case, the collaboration enables you to practice the knowledge you acquired on a real life case while generating new knowledge, learning new skills and getting acquainted with the companies as possible future employers. Examples of collaboration courses are Bachelor Final Project, Design Strategy Project, Advanced Concept Design and Interactive Technology Design. 

To be able to look after your interests in these collaborations, TU Delft will make agreements with both the company and you about IP, confidentiality and publication. 

Before you start the first collaboration course in your Bachelor or Master phase you will be asked to sign the IP Rights Transfer Agreement in which you transfer your IP to TU Delft so TU Delft may, under strict conditions, transfer the IP of the course result to a collaborating company.

The IP Rights Transfer Agreement is applicable to all collaboration courses you will follow at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft during your study so you have to sign only once.

The courses marked as collaboration courses may differ each year, so check the online study guide every academic year. 

Please read the following documents regarding the collaboration courses for more details:

NB: independently from who has the ownership of the IP(R), the TU Delft always has the right to use course results for research and/or educational purposes, in publications and for PR purposes.

If you have questions about IP created in IDE education please send an e-mail to: Michelle Nahumury.