Zelfstudieplekken tijdens COVID-19

Reservations using Okku

As off 10 May you will be able to reserve and use self-study spots at the IDE faculty using tudelft.okku.io.

Please read the following information to make sure you understand all the involved rules and regulations. We hope that Okku will be of value, but keep in mind that we are still under strict government rules, and your access to the faculty can be denied again if things get out of hand.

For questions about the booking page itself, see the support page.


There are two shifts per day: 9:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:00 to avoid contact with scheduled on-campus education. Stick to these times to avoid unnecessary contact with other students.

You can reserve spots one week ahead. You can make one reservation at a time. As soon as your shift is over, you can reserve a new study spot.


There are 4 areas available. Look at the floor plans if you are unsure where the areas are in the building.

  • Computer halls (Ctrl, Shift, Enter) - ground floor, to the left after entering the building.
  • Studios (1-19) - around the ring on the first floor of the main hall.
  • Zebra rooms - on the first floor, up the stairs and to the right after entering the building.
  • Studio project rooms - on the first floor, past the Zebra rooms.


All IDE students have access to Okku.

IDE house rules:

  • Reserve spots for yourself only.
  • Only use the spot you reserved. Do not move the furniture!
  • Cancel your reservation if you decide not to come, so someone else can make use of the timeslot.
  • Don’t come more than 5 minutes early for your timeslot, and leave the building as soon as it ends.
  • Take your campus card and reservation confirmation with you. You can be asked to show proof of your reservation.
  • Follow all the ‘corona rules’ that are in place in the faculty while on-campus.

We hope that Okku studying on-campus will be a relieve as we (hopefully) approach the end of these lockdowns. We understand that it has been a long time, but please make sure you still respect the rules.
Abuse of the opportunity to study on campus can have a negative impact on the overall TU corona policy, so please follow all rules closely.