Track High-Tech Engineering

High-Tech Engineering industry and academia is continuously pushing the limits of engineering knowledge and technology in order to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements on both the products and the required equipment that produce them. 

The purpose of the MSc Track in High-Tech Engineering (HTE) is to educate engineers in the technological knowledge and skills they need to design that new generation of both products and required equipment. Starting from the fundamentals of physics and mechanics, students gain the insights and understanding they will need to push beyond the current limits. The programme includes analysis, design and implementation of solutions, using analytical models, computational methods and experimental work to reach new performance and understanding. With this focus on the ā€˜ultimate in mechanical engineeringā€™ the program confronts students with the daunting conceptual and design challenges of developing (and utilising) tools for precision mechanical engineering. Although the emphasis is on high-tech equipment and instrumentation, the same knowledge and methodology applies to energy systems, medical equipment, automotive and aerospace design and many other fields of mechanical engineering, enabling these future engineers to address the needs of our modern society.

Introduction week

Late enrolment

Students that enrol in the program after the start of the academic year, will be required to join the introductory week the next year.

The introduction week for the Master Tracks High-Tech Engineering will take place in the first week of the academic year.  

The introduction is obligatory and includes: 

  • Introduction to the department and different focus groups
  • Explanation of the curriculum
  • Introduction to the staff
  • Lab tour and hands-on sessions
  • Lunches, drinks, BBQ
  • Games & Sports day

Start studiejaar / Start Academic year

4 september 2023

Focus areas

Next to the HTE obligatory courses students choose a research focus in which they want to deepen their knowledge. Focus Areas within the High-Tech Engineering track are: 

First Year

During the introduction week the different research groups will present themselves and explain a bit more about the content of their courses and the possible master projects. At the end of the week students make their preliminary student program with the help of the MSc coordinators, different supervisors and the student association. At that point students have a clear idea of their course load during the year. 


More information can be found in Brightspace.


Second Year

The second year of the program consists of three parts that are preferably and in almost all cases related to the same research topic, so the student can use the full year to develop the knowledge and skills to actually go beyond the current status in that topic.

These three parts are an (optional) internship at a company or other research group, a literature survey / design assignment, and the MSc-project.

Master Assignments

MSc assignments of the PME department sections

Department PME

Additional information

Contact information

Daily Coordinator Master ME-HTE

Eveline Matroos

Track coordinator

Ron van Ostayen