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Are you a TU Delft student interested in doing an internship as part of your study programme? Maybe taking part in a project is of interest to you?

Doing an internship is the best way to gain practical experience, and you can prepare well for your future career. You learn to apply scientific knowledge and academic skills in a realistic work situation. You also learn to function independently and responsibly in an organization that is related to your study.

At the faculties of Applied Sciences (TNW)and Aerospace Engineering (AE) the internship is a compulsory part of the study. At the other faculties, the internship is often part of the study as a minor (BSc) or elective (MSc). If you want to do an internship in the Netherlands or abroad with EC, check the possibilities and the conditions set by your study programme via the relevant internship website and/or Brightspace course/ organization. If you still have questions after reading this information, you can contact the internship office or the internship coordinator of your faculty, see the link to the contact details. 
Please note that as of September 2022, all Dutch Universities in the Netherlands use the same internship agreement. TU Delft is also introducing  this new standard internship agreement. The new internship agreement makes the arrangements between students, universities and internship organisations more straightforward. A universal internship agreements helps students, the private sector and the degree programme know what they can expect. The agreement sets out clear arrangements on the purpose, supervision and assessment of the internship as well as student’s rights, including their legal status, and the way disputes are handled. For any questions, please contact your faculty internship coordinator for more information.

Did you know that you can also find a lot of information at the Career Centre? E.g. a CV check, and examples of a motivation letter? You can check out their website here, you will find a toolkit with opportunities that can help you apply for an internship.

Information to help you find a placement or information about what you need to arrange with a business can be found on the Nuffic website, Wilweg (only available in Dutch). For Non-EU/EEA or students from Switzerland who want to do an internship in the Netherlands as part of their study (with EC) more information can be found via Study in NL website.

Are you interested in doing an internship at TU Delft?

All faculties differ in the internship options open to students. Please be aware not all faculties accept interns.

Incoming interns from outside TU Delft are referred to the information page of  TU Delft faculties. Here you can select your choice of faculty where you would like to do an internship and from there you can contact the relevant department, a supervisor, a professor or find an interesting track.  All faculties differ in the internship options open to students. Please be aware not all faculties accept interns.

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