Application procedure

Application Deadline: At least 6 weeks before your start date abroad

For Joint Education Programmes only

Please follow the procedure stated in the email from your Faculty Programme Coordinator.

For Regular students

The Erasmus + scholarship application will be processed via email. Selected students for exchange programmes within Erasmus + countries can request a Learning Agreement from the Faculty Exchange coordinator. Should you have any questions, check out the FAQ’s and read the guideline Erasmus+ study on this webpage.

  1. Follow the pre-scholarship steps required to be able to complete the Erasmus+ scholarship Learning agreement:

    • Read your pre-departure email (contains useful information and links for your stay abroad)

    • Check for more information online at TU Delft and your host.

    • Self-Composed Minor/Master Specialization- Free Elective – If this form is needed to confirm your study plan, please start this process as soon as possible. In the months of July and August many international offices abroad and at TU Delft may close for a period of time. Check this information first so you know when you need to have this step completed. The Mobility team does not need to receive this document, this is a document relating to your faculty and board of examiners.

    • When the courses have been agreed upon by all parties, only then, can you complete the Learning agreement form.

  2. Complete the following Erasmus scholarship steps:

    • Once you have completed the Learning agreement and received three signatures only then can you send it to Without these signatures you will not be able to apply for the Erasmus + scholarship. This step must be completed at least 6 weeks before your start date at the host, otherwise you run the risk of missing out on this scholarship, it is your responsibility to organise this on time.

    • We will process your application for the scholarship and send you a Grant Agreement. Check the Grant Agreement thoroughly and sign it and return it to the mobility Team by email. If you do not return it within the specified time we will cancel your Scholarship application.

    • Once we receive your grant agreement we will sign it, and send you the definitive grant agreement and process your first payment (70% of the full amount).

  3. Please note:

    • Ensure your start and end dates are correct, check the webpage of your host university for their academic calendar and introduction periods/introduction or language courses.

    • If you are having trouble meeting this deadline, please contact

    • More information about this process can be found in the document Guideline Erasmus+ study in the blue box above.

 IMPORTANT: Having problems with meeting the timeline deadlines? Email