You are eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship if: 


  • Remain enrolled at TU Delft during your traineeship
  • Do not receive other EU funding
  • Submit your application 6 weeks before the start date
  • Reside in the Netherlands while studying and your traineeship organization is taking place in a different country
  • You have not started your traineeship

Your traineeship: 

  • During your traineeship you will not follow any courses.
  • Takes place in one of the countries in group 1, 2 or 3
  • Is for a minimum of 2 months, maximum 12 months per study cycle (BSc, MSc)
  • Does not take place at European institutions or organizations managing EU programmes
  • Programme abroad will count towards your TU Delft Degree (your obtained results will be acknowledged/awarded EC’s).

During your traineeship: 

  • You both live and study in the host country
  • You will not earn more than 1000 euros net per month

If you meet all the requirements you can start your application process. The internship office of your faculty can provide you with the necessary application forms.