Application Procedure

  1. Check your Faculty International Office website or Brightspace page for details on the selection criteria, application procedure and deadline. Each faculty’s selection criteria may differ. The criteria listed on the faculty’s webpage are leading.
  2. The Faculty International Office will send your nomination file (consisting of the Holland Scholarship application form and enclosures) to the Education Service Centre (ESC).
  3. Education Service Centre will send you a grant letter listing the conditions for the scholarship and the guidelines for the travel report.
  4. Sign and return the grant letter to the Education Service Centre to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Final Obligations

  1. Submit your travel report  to the Education Service  Centre 1 month after conclusion of your stay abroad.


N.B.: Where necessary ESC may request a provisional travel report. If you are unable to submit your travel report by the deadline, you may request an extension. Your request for an extension must be submitted before expiration of the one-month deadline. If we have not received your travel report before this date, the grant awarded to you will expire.