You are eligible to apply for the Holland Scholarship if:

  • You are going abroad in the academic year 2023-2024
  • You are following a full time programme at TU Delft
  • You are and will remain registered as a full time student at TU Delft during your stay abroad. During the stay abroad you will pay the statutory fee to TU Delft
  • The duration of your stay abroad is at least 7 weeks.
  • Your study, research or internship is fully recognised as part of your TU Delft academic programme and consist of at least 10 ECTS
  • Your activity will take place in a country outside the EEA and not in your country of origin.
  • You are a Master student
  • You are a bachelor student preferably having passed all your obligatory two-year BSc courses (i.e. obtained 120 ECTS) at the start of your study, research or internship abroad
  • You are a talented, open-minded student having obtained above average study results, you are ambitious and enterprising and you have relevant extra-curricular activities
  • You do not receive any other TU Delft mobility grants (CvB, ERASMUS+, JvE, IS, STIR) in addition to the Holland Scholarship. You can only receive the Holland Scholarship once during your registration period at TU Delft.